Crestview, Florida

A Hispanic Female that works the front counter and sometimes on a register, makes vulgar comments about how other customers dress. She then adds "have a blessed day" to select other customers.

I often hear her commenting neg. about other workers when they are the ones that are working hard and she's just standing doing nothing.She acts like she's in a world of her own, and she may well be if management pays no attention. I have shopped this store since it's opening 7 years ago.

I'm suprised the 7 year store manager has not noticed this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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Overcharging everyone on prescriptions!!! People listen up...did you know that Publix overcharges 200%-300% on the final cost of your prescriptions?

No Joke! I was employed with "Where shopping is a pleasure" Store Crestview, Florida for over 9 years.I had Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance with the company working full time with all benefits, 4 months ago I became unemployed. At the time with Publix and the insurance with the co-pay I was paying $168.00 a month for my prescriptions. When I left I had no insurance and called around expecting to pay over $250 for the scripts Publix claimed I was saving.

To my surprise, "WAL-MART charges only $68.00 a month for all the same prescriptions! Yes! no mistake!! $68.00.

I remember in all the past store meeting the Big Proud Store Manager, Tim Bryant would proudly say " OUR PHARMACY HAD A 200% SALES INCREASE OVER LAST YEAR!!!" DAH!!! Yes they sure were...overcharging the employee's and customers alike.


On second thought, this sounds like the same person to make the other complaint on this girl. You either are obsessed with this girl and linger around as a customer and watch her, or you are a vindictive coworker..


Wow, this girl sounds like she has two complaints on here. The Hispanic thing?

It's a way to describe someone.

It's easier then an entire physical description. People are way too quick to pull the race card.


What the race has to do with anything? I see a bunch of white trash and black people that is just as bad.


The Publix in Sun City, FL that I shop has this unfriendly Hispanic, thirty something fluent in English cashier lady who always acts like she owns the store. She never smiles or say hello to me when I shop there.

She deliberately gives me the look when I did nothing wrong. Publix needs to train their employee correctly or let them go. I shop there because it is convenient for me but I won't be going there anymore.

I rather go to Walmart or Target and price matched it whenever Publix has sale items that I want. But normally Publix is very EXPENSIVE in everyday vegetable,fruits and meat.


stop being so racist. Her race has nothing to do with it. So there is no need to bring that up.


boy I hear ya

vets with no jobs and go into publix and hardly can understand the immigrants whats goin on man

all immigrants at the walmart too why give them jobs and not hire our vetrans A bad idea

but wait a minute ! don't we hear they hire immigrants because no one wants those jobs ? YOU LIE


Central Palm Beach is overflowing with many elderly senior citizens. Maybe 85% of the shoppers at Publix.

So PUBLIX how do you expect any of them to understand the Haitians that you hire ? They sneer at us when we don't understand them or totally ignore us. At the deli they laugh in our faces and speak to each other in Creole or whatever they speak and roll their eyes at each other. Nice huh ?

You should be ASHAMED of yourself to be hireing all immigrants when the sons and daughters and vetrans themselves are on the unemployment lines ! Its not their fault you know its PUBLIX. From the bag boys to the check outs to the managers all immigrants. Before you say predjudice..I am the child of immigrants.

Difference is in Character and Respect and ATTITUDE !

People know what is going on.... shame on you Publix !!



maybe, that says it all.

I agree with ***.


viva winn-dixie


then why dont you quit telling the internet and go tell the store manager himself. or better yet call corporate on her that will work even faster.

tired of looking at her or hearing her then get rid of her. easy as that.


Yeah I have seen her, she got mad because she tried to hit on my boyfriend and he just ignored her. she is soooo rude