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I went to publix on 2100 winter springs blvd in oviedo fl. On jan 6. I was waiting in line checking out and this weird rude short worker white male with brown hair came. And he acted as if he was brooming but he was just slowly moving the broom back and forth. He was really irritating and wudnt leave my aisle or area. He just seemed to want to be in my space or area and aggravate me. He continued coming back to my area and aisle and he wasn't brooming but just walking oddly and moving the broom strangely. He was an *** *** and was behaving almost like a stalker and it was annoying and creeping me out. If he was doing his job I would understand but it was obvious he was not brooming or doing his job he was just there trying to be some kind of irritating presence. This young *** kid was young looking.

I finally asked him to wait and stop doing that until I left. Really I wanted to tell him to get lost and leave me alone. He said "okay" with a weird blank stare and attitude. He had no emotion and was acting reslly strange. Then he just stood there like a weird robot staring at me and he was staring in a very *** way it was so scary that even the two females that work there looked at him and said what's going on there why is he standing there and they asked them and they said what's going on. What was the problem of this retarded male that he had to act so weird his behavior was almost intimidating and very very strange and not normal.

Even the female employees were disturbed by this *** behavior and I think Publix needs to tell this Loser that he does not need to be treating customers this way or women this way. He was almost acting like some kind of a psychopath though the manner in which he was standing and staring and the way he acted prior to that.

He was intimidating weird and definitely just wanted to bother me and almost scare me. I'd say maybe he liked me

Or wanted my attention but no. He was just acting *** and doesn't need to be hanging around female customers and creeping them

Out like that. This loser is an *** and needs to be talked to or fired or something.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You sound like a obnoxious ***

get over yourself

yet another person who thinks they're better then others


Your complaint creeped me out. You don't know how to capitalize, and you also don't know how to spell.

What in heaven's name is "brooming?" Most people sweep. Actually your complaint shows how out of the loop you are when you so rudely refer to this male employee as being "retarded." It kind of indicates that you are in that mental situation yourself. You also do a lot of repetition in your complaint, just a lot of rambling. You must think you are pretty "HOT" if you think he liked you.

More than likely he was mentally handicapped and had been told to go to that area and sweep the floor. There, but for the grace of God goes you.

You could develop a severe illness or even be in a horribly bad accident that would leave you mentally handicapped and maybe even physically handicapped to the point that you can't do anything for yourself. Maybe before you come across as being a completely rude *** you should put yourself in the place of people that you seem to like to judge.