Sunrise, Florida
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Publix cashier gave me a command not once but twice like I was the village ***.I tried to explain what I was doing. She didn't bother to listen to me and when I moved to another cashier, kept on making rude, unnecessary comments.

Is that Publix's goal, to make customers feel ***? I called the manager but could tell he could have cared less. Bottom line, they have no manners or code of conduct. She didn't have a visible name tag or I would have provided her name.

The date is 5/20/11.

The Publix is in Margate at Rock Island and Atlantic Blvd. - Florida

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

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what he say :zzz :eek :? :( :x :sigh


what he say :zzz :eek :? :( :x :sigh