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this isn't a big deal but im posting it because some people just purposely like to be RUDE to others for no reason and its *** and not right and they have no place to do this. ive noticed this with cashiers...seriously mostly in Orlando..not that cashiers are nice everywhere but in Orlando theres an extra added thing of rude *** people here...I went to publix in palms plaza on mcculloch rd and alafaya trail in Oviedo--of course they usually hire college kids as cashiers..and was in line with someone named kevin r--a white male, young looking. he greeted the two people before me, before them and then when I came, of course he was awkwardly and PURPOSELY silent--yes on purpose b/c theres no way he forgot to greet me...he just decided not to and the bagger was nice and noticed it and actually greeted me...the cashier was weird, acting strange, didn't greet me and it was this awkward draining silence-- as usual.

then he rudely said the price...that's it.. I mean how hard is it to say "hi how are you"? to a customer...maybe he was intimidated because im an attractive female but that's the reality of males esp in Orlando...they treat attractive women like dirt and do crazy mean things to them...as a male is it THAT hard to say hi to a pretty woman? greet her..*** sickos out there...I know because as an attractive woman in Orlando I get treated like *** by most males esp those jealous jerks who just have an issue with me or are insecure or crazy...

learn some manners as a cashier it's your job to greet people not make them feel bad...you *** rude cashiers around...what kind of horrible people exist out there that they literally just seek to mistreat people make them feel bad...oh and when KEVIN R was done treating me like garbage he gladly GREETED the female behind me IMMEDIATELY...kevin r just had to make my 4 minute check out experience a negative joke...he couldn't just be courteous and polite he had to be rude weird play games....really sick people exist out there in the human race seriously...I was a cashier for six months and ive worked all types of customer service jobs and NEVER would I stand there and EVER make anyone feel that way....but all the *** people out there in society have no problem doing it to others..idiots...I did complain and the manager said he knows better than that...hey even the bagger noticed the rudeness and greeted me..at least he was a nice person...its disturbing to know that people out there actually ENJOY treating people badly or differently or making them feel bad...and worse that idiotic males out there do it to pretty women which seems to be backwards in nature...they abuse women who are good looking..idiots..

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

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LMAO! Are you seriously suggesting this Kevin didn't greet you because you are so good-looking?

I bet you look like a cross between Rosie O'Donnell and Kathy Griffin and he just wanted you out of his line and out of his sight as soon as possible. Next trip to a store: buy a full-length mirror.


Who said you're attractive? No one


This is the original poster. Since writing that so far I've never had a problem like that again.

Until today. A female purposely didn't greet me. Again she did on purpose. She greeted every single person and the guy behind me.

Just a rude Nasty bltch. I called and complained to the manager who told me that they are trained to treat customers like kings and queens. He said he will coach her and apologized profusely.

I also had a female bagger follow me out of publix and harass me for my cart. A lot of crazy weirdos work there


Please do not give the baggers a hard time.This is store policy that every customer will have their grocery taken to there car. And no tipping please, That was George Jenkins motto when he was alive, There some good old manager that run their store with that same motto, In the olden days customers would like that, Now day people are very rude, and it is getting worse as years go on.

Please help us out in florida that it will get better. Pray for this world that it will change


Yep, you are either a troll or an escapee from a mental ward.


This happens to me all the time in Publix. I live in Valrico and most of the publix cashiers are rude on purpose to me.

I've also been followed around the store and out of the store. By the way, I'm a 50 yo white female. I was also told that the people in Publix think they are a "better class" than walmart. Really?

You people need to get a reality check.

DO NOT SHOP AT PUBLIX. It's only good for emergency purposes.PS they're prices are way out of line.


You are not hot!



No offense but you seem to have a very high opinion of yourself. Maybe he was tired, maybe he could see how important you think you are.

Your complaint was ridiculous. Get over yourself.


I feel like your physically ugly and I know you have an ugly personality.


Please get over it. Nobody cares if you ate attractive or not..you must have low self esteem if you need high school and college kids to greet you. Buy your groceries, shut up and go on with your day.


OP is reading way too much into the cashier. There could be a million reasons why he did not greet you.

Maybe he got an Erection and was embarrassed, maybe he swallowed his gum. maybe you scared him, maybe a strange thought popped into his head


im the original poster...ive been coming to this POS publix for years. ive been to other publixes new ones where the people are really just nice..surprisingly NICE.

this publix has always been bad. in the past, deli workers were really rude...if it was my turn to get a sub they'd always act busy...and try to avoid helping me out. I was in college at the time many years ago...and was upset at how rude these people were. once I exchanged a sub..and walked out...at the customer service desk.

a rude fat ugly male deli worker chased me out accusing me of stealing a sub...huh? for no reason...I showed him my receipt...total ***.

once I applied for a job at this place many years ago..the male manager laughed at me during the interview...its not always bad...there are some really nice cashiers and even some who've been there for years one female in particular who is really nice...but some males are just rude if they want to be and its not ok to just not greet someone because theyre pretty and you're jealous of them..males are *** and so are people who do that ***...


really..pay attention to the pretty girl you ***? the guy didn't greet the person...I don't think the poster was focusing on the looks but the attitude of the CASHIER.

it's his JOB to greet someone...its not hey pay attention to the pretty girl its hey don't ABUSE a random customer for your own reasons of insecurity...I worked as a cashier once and I would NEVER not greet anyone and ive worked in all types of areas...its just flat out RUDE.

why try to make people feel bad for no reason? insecure *** male out there...wants to put a female down..not ok...


Orlando has a lot of hatefull people. Get used to it.


You sound like a really bitter and sad person. Maybe what you put out into the world causes people to treat you like this.

It's quite possible he picked up on your "vibe" and acted accordingly.

Why didn't you just smile and ask how he was doing? It might have reminded him to be polite to anyone.....no matter what kind of person they seem to be.


While rude. I highly doubt you were always a good employee where you worked.

We all make mistakes. The fact you had to write a long comment and cuss a lot in it. Really states that you might be a short-sighted person. How dare everyone not pay attention to the pretty girl.

ME ME ME. Again rude and you should have brought it up with him. He might have apologized there and then. Instead you carry this anger around and spread it...make it a bigger deal then necessary.

I wish I had the time to chronically all my bad retail experiences. Please learn some words besides cuss words and learn to deal with things as an adult.

@Calm Dude

Me too! Let's start a new webpage called 'slackers with nothing better to do than complain about bad service'...

I don't know about anyone else, but I have many times seen the person in front of me cordially greeted and then nothing was said to me. Do I care?

No! I don't get my validation for a retail clerk acknowledging me!


Most people featured on People of Walmart also think they're attractive.

He was probably trying to keep his composure as you walked by in your pink stretch pants maxed out to their limit.


LOL! My favourite are the bikini 'whales' who just know they are hot!


I guess the logic is these idiotic males is...omg she's pretty therefore, if I asked her for sex, she'd reject me because the last two girls I asked out who was hot rejected me, therefore, im going to treat THIS random pretty girl like dirt b/c shes attractive...ok here goes...let's ignore her!! the psychology that goes through their warped minds is shocking and many seem to have this same dislike for attractive.. I mean these idiotic males really have this insane HATRED for pretty women...so let's not greet her...and WALA now ive somehow done justice to myself for all the other psycho women that rejected me and for my own insecurity issues...let's throw them onto THIS pretty woman...idiots...you *** *** dumbf*ck males out there...thankfully other pretty women WILL reject you for all the hate you throw on innocent women out there...lunatics...ive noticed this behavior A LOT in Orlando by males in Orlando..they have this hatred forpretty women and are total dumbf*cks, not say that's what this particular *** cashier was thinking but im sure it's something similar...idiots

now this doesn't go for all the males there at publix or anywhere or many just the ones who feel they can do this to other women or pretty women...its really lame...