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I went to the Sun City Center Publix after having some work done on my front teeth.Mt 90 year old mother asked my to get her a roast beef submarine sandwich which she eats over 4 days.When I went to the counter the sandwich maker,Nancy,looked at me quizzically and asked if I were going to stand there or order.I asked her for 30 seconds and after that she came over and asked me to step aside for others to order.I informed her I was ready and she made a comment,that sounded like about time,when I asked to see her supervisor, she stated he wasn't in.I went to the desk and found a gentleman I reported the incident to,however he seemed unconcerned and offered to make me the sandwich.I wasn't about to allow ANYONE at publix at this point make something my Mother was going to be eating.Her name was Nancy and she wasn't just rude and obnoxious but moved like her job was an inconvenience. .I expect nothing to be done and do not think the manager even took my complaint even moderately serious.I served in the Navy Seals and have done much volunteer work for the aged,but I fail to understand how someone with such an attitude and poor body language isn't,at the very least,reprimanded.I shall shop elsewhere and make sure my family and friends do likewise.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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