Pompano Beach, Florida
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Wow I use to work with but not for publix being a chef I found that most but not all managers are scamming every person that walk throgh the door do the math can you divide 3 into$10.00 not in american money you cant nor 2 into $5.99 humm how about the 9 percent of all the change people down to nothing get ripped off of 9 percent where does that money go when cashiers at customers service rings $0.00 as he or she takes that cash humm nice people don't rob poor people so sure everyone is nice when they rob you blind in your face they don't rob you with a gun they just scam everyone because they think the public is dumb!! Humm

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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A product on sale for 3 for $10 would be $3.33 for two of them and $3.34 for the third, 2 for $5.99 would be $3 for one and $2.99 for the second. It's not that hard.

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