Hollywood, Florida
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God bless you for the truthful message you are one of the many good people who work for e.d.Crenshaws version of publix fear not mr.Crenshaw will end up like Burnie Madoff old broke and will get regular romantic night's with bubba who was fired as produce stocker for having his way with the watermelons but he holds no anger toward e.d. they will become best buddy's and e.d.

will tell everybody how he got away with stealing food stamps from the poor elderly disabled people who could not see or hear they were getting robbed and all the food that kids mom's and dad's got cheated out off because they were *** enough to believe publix is honest.The boy in the fed pen. will then have time to think about all his sins!!

Save us alot krogers where are you now lets get rid of publix now! We can no longer take there scams

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They should be put in charge of fronting the soap aisle.

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