Raleigh, North Carolina

I have gone to my local public for years now, and recently I had a very unpleasant experience. I had just broken my wrist and had to go get groceries, carrying heavy bags of groceries my wrist was hurting severely.

I asked the closest public employee I could see to help me carry my bags and he mumbled no and kept walking past me which was extremely rude.

I luckily got his name tag which was "Tyler Roop" on the publix on nolensville road. Thank you

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There is NO Publix store in Raleigh, NC. Troll, you are a waste of bandwidth.


Oh you poor baby, you want special treatment because you broke your arm and had to carry your heavy bags. You are probably not then only one that shopped with a broken, however the difference between you and others who shop with broken arms is that you think you are entitled to special treatment.


Kevin, what anonymizer service are you currently using?


That moment when Publix doesn't put last names on name tags for non management... Or have any stores in the area....


Get a shopping cart and ask for help out when your order is bagged. Why the *** would you carry a bunch of shopping bags on your wrist if you just broke it? Are you ***?


There is NO Publix in Raleigh, NC! There is no street / road or otherwise in Raleigh called "nolensville".

Until a Publix opens the end of this month in Cary, NC, the closet Publix is in the Charlotte area, over 125 miles from Raleigh!

I did not locate any Publix on a Nolensville Rd anywhere. I did find a Publix in Nolensville, Tennessee!


Do they normally help people carry groceries? If not, you were being presumptuous in asking for help. Wasn't there any friend or relative that could have helped you shop or couldn't you have used a shopping cart?


Publix is know for carrying out your groceries, you should never have to ask, they should ask you.


There are not mind readers and how hard is it to carry out your own groceries?


Probably not any harder than going bowling with a broken wrist and being a complete dimwit.

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