Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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My wife works for publix at destin,fl.and they're so cheap they won't hire an overnight floor cleaner they make the cashiers work until midnight or later doing it and then schedule them early the next day.Publix is the only place that I've seen do this and its ***!!!!!!!!!!!

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All of the employees who work closing have to help clean the entire store, including the Toilets which even the managers clean. Publix prides itself on being Clean and requires their employees to keep their stations tidy and to clean at the end of the night.

No other store does that and it's not because they're "cheap" it's because they want to make sure themselves that it's done the right way..

When your wife was interviewed for the job I am sure they informed her that she would have to do this. Besides she's getting paid to do it, so I don't see what the big deal is?


Cleaning the floor is not an overnight task, as it takes less then one hour.

Front end staff normally clean the floors as part of their normal job assignment.

Occasionally staffing needs requires a turnaround, closing then opening the next day.


No one gives a rats *** about staffing needs.. If that had enough people staffed one person wouldn't have to close then open!!!! Especially PARENTS!!!


They do it at my store too in Augusta ga.They have to mop the whole store even though they run 2 floor machines at night. I think the manager is special, if you know what I mean.

Don't even get me started about grocery. Our *** grocery manager (joel wise) often keeps us here till 3 am or later.

He's the biggest *** I've ever worked for. So much for the respect and dignity of Publix associates.