Miami, Florida

Let me correct the individual who wrote that the produce is shipped frozen... it is not shipped frozen at all and publix stores get their produce deliveries 7 days a week from the deerfield distribution center.

why would u say such a thing ?

i am sure if u look hard enough u can manage to complain about something legitimate. I actaully work for the company which u incorrectly report about, so i think i would notice if the produce delivery showed up in a frozen food truck and the temperature was below thrity two degrees.

in fact all refridgerated product is shipped at a temperature of between thirty eight and forty degrees.

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The comment that produce is shipped frozen is ludicrous. IF the poster knew anything about produce, he/she would know that freezing raw produce pretty much renders it inedible unless cooked.

A good example are grapes and berrys. Once they are frozen they have to be eaten that way or processed in some way.



:grin hello all produce trucks are ref

not frozen 7 days a week to have fresh produce everyday 8) :sigh :( :( :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


dude, get a life.