Miami, Florida
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I was offered a sample of the 'Recipe of the Week' . It was pork with a veggie puree.

The pork had a small puddle of blood emerging from the center of meat. I showed the gentleman cooking stating that raw pork causes trichinosis. His response was, "You could walk down the street and catch Ebola." I took the sample to management. The woman said that she was sure he used a meat thermometer, but had no desire to address his inappropriate commentary.

How could such a large corporation have such little regard for its consumer's well-being? We absolutely need more choices for shopping and maybe then Publix would rethink its apathetic disposition.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Used to work aprons...they r told to serve the pork @145 degrees....not165 temp. According to them...its fine that way. I do not agree either.

@Da trufe 1

The USDA is 145 degrees. Changed from 160 in 2011 I believe. Might not be best that way, but it's hardly illegal to do pork at 145.