Boynton Beach, Florida

I Enjoy shopping at Boynton/Jug Publix by far most of the staff are friendly but lately there seems to be some new ones that are not very and professional, Yesterday i went to shop and there was a lady giving ideas for Thanks Giving cooking and she approach everyone that was White and to made sure of that i passed by and she looked at me and did not offer to ask me so i said mabe its just me and i waited for another Black person to pass by and the same thing happend, which is real sad when you choose your cusotmer. I will still shop at Publix since its not the store but the individual person.

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Is there some kind of direct coorlation between sentence structure, spelling etc. and getting a point across?

It must be nice to have so much time on your hands ( Poster "name" and "Tasha")that instead of making a useful contribution to discussions you worry about the above mentioned? Don't go away mad...just GO AWAY!!!


ehh? You waited for another black person to walk by? LOL whose the pot calling the kettle black!


I agree, run on sentences, sentence fragment, letters with no periods, letters with no capital letters, all caps spelling mistakes ect.


perhaps it is with your attitude chicken eater. i would call you the n word but they don't allow it.


Anyone ever noticed that most people in here post run-on sentences?