Gainesville, Florida
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I've experienced two problems with quality control from Publix items in the same day!

1.A bag of shelled walnuts contained a shell which nearly broke my teeth.

2. A bag of brown rice contained a green cashew covered in an unknown substance.

I will no longer be purchasing from Publix. They must have changed their quality control policies recently. At least at Ward's you can see what you are getting from the bulk bin, and their items are fresher as well.

These incidents occured with Publix brand items purchased at the Gateway Publix on 34th Street and Newberrry Road in Gainesville, Florida on 5/24/2012.

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These complaints are about nuts, so this person should feel right at home. You obviously have no understanding of manufacturing or of common sense. Maybe if you took better care of your teeth, these things wouldn't happen.


to early = too early.


Oops. Press send to early.

The last sentence should be.

Also, it is not Publix fault with your quality inside the bags. It is the company that makes the food.


And you brought it back to Publix for a refund or exchange right?

Also, it is not Publix fault