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So...to come to this website, and post these kind of comments became my routine as publix usually over charges people. I am not sure if this happened 10 times or 20. All I can say is "it happens all the time"

I am posting the receipt as well below.

Just amazing....

Why in the world is it so difficult to put the correct price? imagine how often you go to publix, and you keep catching these kind of things...there are thousands of people shopping at publix, and not everybody checks their receipt, it is just sad that i witness this a lot

Monetary Loss: $4.

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The person who posted this is *** *** and I'm sorry lol. I'm just saying


Yes the price may be wrong but they initial it and gave it to you free stop the whining they have thousands of products and some vendor products such as Pepsi coke and bread vendors to name a few that bring in the products.


Dat *** between you and Gawd! At least they a$$e$ didnt give you a flandango mandango sandwich with a .99 bottle of degreaser is a paper dump truck.

I wuz like WTF Purblix peeps!?! Why you charge me for dis sturff???

I aint want no *** green smurfs, they suppost to be purple, I mean blue!! So, yeah, I understand your complaint.

@Uh huh



Considering the prices change every week, and there are thousands of items. It's unavoidable that a mistake happens every now and then.

BUT!!! Every time a mistake is made, you get something for free...so what's the big deal.

I for once WANT them to make a mistake hahaha.


Yeah not sure what the complaint here is. It seems that somehow Publix missed pricing an item correctly out of the thousands they sell, and after not just giving you the correct price but infact giving you the item for free you still felt the need to come here and complain. OK.


impatient is Publix style.


Four dollars for a head of cauliflower at Publix sounds about right to me. Even if it's not, it can't be off by more than a dollar.


Well they made a mistake and corrected it so what is the issue here? Everyone makes mistakes even you, for example I should be in upper case when used as a pronoun.