Bessemer, Alabama

I just walked away after 8 1/2 years with Publix. I worked my butt off and did everything that I thought was expected of me.

The management at Publix show zero interest in coaching and training employees that you are pretty much responsible for digging through the RPG guides to learn anything. Then, they try to use this as a reason to not give you a raise. The truth is they have their favorites that they will bend over backwards to please, but if your not in the click then you are looked on as just being a labor issue.

While I don't mind giving my customers the service they deserve and treating them the way I like to be treated, I WILL NOT KISS UP TO MANAGEMENT JUST TO GET AHEAD! The annual AVS is a joke because they don't really want to hear what employees really think, they just want the employees to tell them how great they are.

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Oh yeah. A few nights.ago, after working my scheduled 9hr day,I overheard my customer service manager and front end coordinator talking about how shorthanded they were for closing.

I told the coordinator that I would stay and help. She asked the manager and he agreed.

He NEVER acknowledged my help or thanked me! Very disappointing, but not so much considering


You are not the only one that has that experience with Publix and sooner or later it will catch up to them, I can't wait to have the last laugh at Publix expense.