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I work at Publix. I got my first evaluation and it was nothing but praises.

I had been working about 15 hours a week which couldnt possibly be enough to live off of. I figured after a good review I could ask for more hours and be good to go. Instead i was told i was not doing a good job and needed to learn how to do things the "Publix Way". I was not pleased with this answer so I did what they had always told us to do.

I went to higher management. I asked my assistant manager if it was possible to get trained in a different department or cross trained. He said I would be first on the list and he would let me know. 3 weeks later I still had not heard from him so I decided it was time to see the store manager.

The store manager said that there were no more positions open in any department and that I needed to learn how to do my job. So I went to our regional manager with even worse luck. It has been 2 months since then. I now work 10 hours a week.

Im behind in bills.

My store has hired 8 new people. 1 person has been fired.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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That means they want you to quit or leave the store.