I personally would not recommend this place for permanent employment. I would recommend this job as either a stepping stone to something better or for young HS and college kids.

The pay isn't great, the hours unless you are full time will fluctuate and schedule won't likely be consistent. However they will be flexible with your school schedule, but my store manager used to always ask me "Why are you going to college? You know, you can make a lot of money with out the schooling".

It's thinking like that in my opinion, that will lead to a meaningless life. Hey I'm content with being mediocre! Going to school doesn't by definition make you exceptional, but it does however open potential doors. It is my firm belief (most likely biased, but mine none the less) that people who are managers at Publix, are and were failures in life. "I couldn't make it anywhere else, so I settled for Publix!" Seriously, not to bash all managers, because I've met some really good people who were in leadership roles. I just find them few and far between!

The only redeeming quality of Publix is the 401K plan and Publix stock. The stock is great! It's stable and is always increasing in value, on top of that you can earn stock just by working there. The company offers a match of up to 5% of your 10% deduction towards 401K. This is really where the benefits stop. If you are not full-time you will not receive sick time, bereavement, vacation (paid), and will accumulate less stock through Profit Plan. They do offer medical insurance to employees, but only if you are full-time and or earn 1500 hours a year as a part-timer. That's an average of 30 hours a week, many times they will not give you this. I qualified last year for the insurance, but I'm worried I won't qualify this year. If I decide to take a vacation or if someone in the family dies, I have to eat the cost myself.

Now that Oasis has been fully rolled out, the part timers like myself are going to get screwed. On top of it the full timers will be screwed because they will have less help. I work my own section on the truck crew. I do all the work of a full timer with the hours of a part timer. I'm getting used! Don't let yourself be used! It's life, you will be used wherever you go, but if you will be used by a company, use them too.

There are many unhappy associates at Publix. Not only hourly paid associates, but managers as well. Mr. Jenkins had a great idea, but his vision is slowly eroding away! Our last AVS (Associate Voice Survey) for our store had an all time low score for store morale and manager approval. Our managers came up with a prophylaxis! It is a poster outlining areas of improvement, yet the managers don't do any of the things they have listed. One point was that managers need to actively inform associates of opportunities in the company. If it isn't a department manager position, they don't care to talk about it. If it's corporate or warehouse, the managers don't want to talk about opportunities there!

If you are a college student, get your education and dip out while you can. It is likely your store manager will think you are an *** for furthering your education. I have been searching for other career opportunities since finishing school. I hope I can find something new and rewarding.

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I'm sorry I have to agree with him in a way. Both my wife and I worked for Publix.

She had nothing but great experiences and managers, but I on the other hand had a manager that made my job feel like I was trapped in the 6th level of ***. My manager had numerous HR complaints that never got resolved. I went to HR twice about him/her and both times nothing happened. Even thought one of them could have ended in an Public Relations nightmare.

I was shocked that nothing happened because people in that department where either very scared of her or thought she was a saint. I don't understand how such a good company could let such incidents go unresolved, but as I said my wife had nothing but love for this company. Even though she worked for them twice and left both times because she never got full time. Even thought previously she had worked for them for 5 years, and in that time never received full time.

The next time she worked for them they promised her full time in 3 months. Her 3 months came up and they said they couldn't offer her full time because she didn't have a completely open schdule. A. She wanted Sundays off for church (need I remind them they use to be a Christian organization and had Sundays off originally.) B.

She had to have another job so we could pay off bills and what such. With both of us working 55 hrs a week.

But you as a full time get 2 days off anyway so why her not having a completely open schdule be a problem? I myself will never return here because of the injustices done to me.


I couldn't have stated this in a better way. It is too bad that some self serving district managers who belittle, talk down to employees, and use demeaning terminology to articulate their points of view don't have the time to really see what the industry is all about from an objective point where the employee works.

If some of these desk jockeys put an apron on and had to do the job that these part timers are involved in then maybe they would be a little more humbled.


It's not like working at Publix requires any skills. This level of employee is a dime a dozen and are paid accordingly. Quit ***, change YOUR attitude and maybe you will see the benefits.


I swear George Jenkins is turning in his grave right now because of how terrible this company is being ran right now.. Full-timers don't exist anymore at my store..

Also, if the company wants us to shop at Publix and Publix ONLY for groceries, then atleast give us a *** employee discount! This is the ONLY employer I've ever been at where we don't get employee discounts!


I know many people including a relative that works for Publix. While its true that many retire wealthy if they BUY stock, they are worked like slaves.

Being forced to work multiple shifts, be flexible to come in whenever they want yet complains when you need off for a dr appt.

It is all one side at Publix since they founder stepped down. While someone may leave with money, they give up much of their life to get to that point.


Ok I had to respond to this. 1 you are clearly not a good worker or else you would be getting consistent hours.

2 I have seen people with degrees stay at publix. 3 I can name 4 people who are going to retired with close to a million or over and they are not managers. And before you ask how long they been working ( 30+) let me assure you honey that no matter what you do you better expect to work a few decades if you plan on retiring with good money. And those managers you are calling failures in life well it must be great to be a failure making 40 -60k a year 90k for store manager..

Also I see you failed to mention that holiday bonus and those quarterly retail bonus you are also receiving. I am not knocking for finishing school most definitely finish and move on I just finish my AA and plan on using as a stepping stone to move up in the company.

And what benefits gave dwindled it's 2015 and the benefits get better. I bet you plan on cashing in your profit plan when you leave huh


And you must be one of those dim-witted full timers that have no clue


The real truth about promotion is how you perform,(1-pull your pants down and do what your manager tells you to do,(2- and if you perform on manager make sure you swallow,(3- do not scream that is a no-no(4-and do not show and tell,


Yea and these people you are talking about that are. Almost.

Millionaires are in the minority since most of the employees at publix are part time,who do not get the holiday bonus and if they get the quarterly bonus it only ads up to chump change.

Its nice that publix bills itself as being a pleasure to shop at or work for,i would rather shop and work at wal mart at least there i could afford to buy the products they sell. Publix should change their slogan to where pennypinching is a pleasure.


I guess you must know everything,to bad trader joes and wegmans knocked publix out of first place for customer satisfaction,publix is not the only game intown anymore.


gee i guess you must be a real doozy and want to be one of those big money publix managers,but maybe you should get your facts straight,1) part- timers do not get holiday bonuses,2) part - timers only get health insurance if they get so many hours in a year,3) if the person you were addressing were to cash out their profit plan if they have one,it probably does not have much in it anyway because again part- timers do not get anywhere what full timers and managers get in their profit plans. I guess the funny part is that the majority of workers at publix are part- timers,who do most of the work and full timers and managers are the ones getting paid for it. so much for publix slogan of where working is a pleasure


Nope I'm keeping my Profit Plan and 401k. In addition I'm keeping the nearly 30k in stock I've got.


Receiving an AA won't get you anywhere in the company, honey.


Lets be real, if those managers are not failures in life and are so great because they are making so much money, then I guess the slogan of where working is a pleasure is only applicable to them, due to the fact that the lower level employees are what makes the company successful, but just like most big companies the upper management are the ones that make out financially and the lower level employees are scorned and treated like they are lucky to even have anything. I guess the message they are trying to give is that they are a circus and pay in peanuts.


What do you think this is the 1950,s companies do not give a *** about loyalty or how long someone works at a company anymore, everyone and everything is replaceable and anyone who thinks so is an *** and anyone who thinks unions are not needed anymore is clueless, that is what the corporate world wants you to think, so they can give the workers the shaft, so anyone that believes in what the richest 1% says have fun getting the wool pulled over your heads.


Publix really is a crock of ***. The benefits are dwindling at an insane pace, I just qualified for health insurance, however I will not likely accrue the needed hours to keep my insurance and on top of that say good bye to Profit Plan!

If you don't get at least 1000 hours you won't be receiving that either! Really Publix is screwing over the largest portion of their workforce, the part timers. This company is so far away from George Jenkins' dream of a premier retailer and premier employer. I've seen only a handful of people get prompted up the ranks, most will and die as an hourly paid associate.

Oasis is the biggest load of bs the company has ever made! They say it's for efficieny, when really it's just to cut benefits. If you are a nagger, you are effectively screwed, because you won't be getting hours, my girlfriend was given 4 hours this week. Really?

4 god *** hours...might as well mot even schedule her. I hope I get this job I interviewed for a few weeks ago, it'll be just as *** but it'll be a $5 am hour pay increase plus OT and actual benefits!


They just rated publix one of the best companies to work for. I wonder how they keep getting results like that when so many employees are complaining about their jobs.

I wonder if they buy their way on to that list.

Anyway, your letter was great. I don't believe George would recognize his publix anymore. It really is a shame because most of the employees are pretty good.

It is the managers that are bad and eventually it will destroy this company. Then everybody's stock will be worthless.

Besides if you are not young or related to someone, your chances of getting full time or being promoted are pretty close to zip. Get your degree and don't look back.


The complainers come off as incredibly unintelligent subhumans that have no idea of a real work ethic, or how to work together with different attitudes or management styles. It really is a great company to work for, and the ones complaining likely complain about every other job they have had and will continue to do so all the way until they are 80 something and still work because they have failed to function in society.


lets see how inteligent you are? lets see if these complainers are really subhuman.There was a group of people in europe in a country that starts with a G, and they used hang portraits of their founder and leader just like publix does.They thought other people were uninteligent and subhuman to.

This wound up leading to a big world war, which made the country thats name begins with a G look very bad amongst other people and countries. so if these people are really subhuman and cant function in society,then maybe everytime idiots like you that are so much more intelligent ,really just like the leader of the group of people in the country that begins with a G,his initials match thesetwo words,*** Hole.


What a whiner. I expect you will not do well at any job because none of them will meet your specifications.

No wonder immigrants are taking over our jobs. They are willing to actually (gasp) work and are happy to have a job.