Stone Mountain, Georgia

Use to love the job but after being told that I wouldn't be eligible for a raise (after scoring very well on my review) because our district manager didn't like me!? and after working extremely hard last year to be able to obtain benefits (you have to maintain 1,500 hours a year to qualify, an average of 30 hours a week) my hours have been cut, and i've been taken out of the department i was in...and yes because apparently my district manager doesn't like me. i now have so few hours i cannot pay bills, and cannot maintain 30 hours a week so i will lose benefits.

NEVER again will i work for this company once i find a new job, it is a profession that breeds cowardice and hypocrisy

to add insult to injury, i have been with the company almost 5 years, i have worked in many departments and could hold any job in the store...i now barely make above minimum wage. Brand new employees who have no prior experience or jobs have been hired in making dramatically more than me, most of them minors as well.

in closing this company disappoints me greatly, i use to fully support publix and its service to the customers, but as ive come to are not cared for as an employee, managers will and have made up false complaints against me and other employees. unfortunately with their title no harm will come to them so i get to be taken advantage of...NEVER should anyone work or recommend working for this POS company who will gladly watch people crumble with out saying or doing a thing.

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After working at Publix for 7 years that it is a *** place to work for. They don't care about their employees and they promote the most idiotic and ineffective people to be managers, then complain and take it out on employees when the managers are incompetent.

When I graduated, I got out to look for a new job.

It's not worth it to work there. The stock option is a joke as well.


it's not an option you moron. Learn the definition of a stock option.

Publix in no way, shape or form offers stock options to anyone but perhaps the Board of Directors.

The financial ignorance is overwhelming among the employees. Stop using the term if you don't know what it means.


I work for Publix and I hate it with a passion. So tired of customers telling me what a great company I work for.

I wish they would shut the *** up because they literally don't know what the *** they are talking about. Publix used to be a decent company to work for.

That is not the case anymore. Looking actively for a new job.


Florida suck when it come to pay , Chicago , a room cleaner makes 21 dollars a hr , while you people make 7 dollars after taxes , it's suck , better off at burger king .


yeah, and your city and state are bankrupt b/c of it. $21/hour for a job a trained monkey could do.

Chicago's troubles require you to look little further than that. I would, however, note all the unfunded pensions for your city's retired employees.

You dug your hole. Stay the *** up there and don't contaminate the southeast.


I feel for you my brother , these people in mangament give them a little power and it goes to their head with abuse of people , store 53 suck big time .


yep! finding out now


*** publix. I ran the frozen and dairy department for over a year.

Prior to that I worked grocery for 3 years. Doesn't matter how hard you work or dedicated you are to maintain your department it is never good enough. I was always denied a raise an had to quit and get rehired at another publix for more money. I've trained employees that got raises to make the same amount as I did while I was always denied a raise.

I couldn't make it past the 10an hour mark. We had monthly meetings and in everyone meeting the no body changing the bale topic comes up. One day I go change the bale cause it was over flowing an my *** lazy gtl comes over an starts *** cause I'm changing the bale and not blockin the store. I ended up getting suspended for a week.

I quit that job and got a job at smiths make 17 an hour plus overtime in Wyoming. Quitin publix was the best decision I ever made in my life.


If customer service ie: front end get busy grocery Is called to help up front ,bag, carts etc...if at the end of the night grocery is behind stocking and getting the store ready for AM all the front end people leave..many nights we worked past 1AM when the store closed at 11pm...over all publix sucks..




I cannot stand working at Publix. I ask for hours that I am available and they give me hours that I cannot work.

The "upper class" associates are giving me *** that I am slacking when they have 20 people up front and I cannot find anything to do. I am a full time student and have this "job" to help pay bills for my parents (i'm 18 years old). I don't intend on staying much longer. Place is a toxic *** hole that will eat away at your conscious and put you down for no reason.

Places gives more stress than good. Even the pay is ***.


Work at publix, at my third store, transferred thinking that the hostile work environment would be different at another store..well it isn' is the most hostile work environment EVER! I hate publix, and can't wait to leave and loose them a lot of business.


I'm going to go ahead and call BS on the claim that new hires and minors are making "dramatically" more than an employee that has worked for Publix for 5 years.

No way in heck that is true.

Ditto on the claim that a DM has some sort of vendetta against a PT store employee. Perhaps your department manager who is giving you weak performance reviews simply doesn't want to own up to there words... and is claiming the DM is to blame just to pass the buck and get you off his/her back?

@Joe Anyguy

I work at a Publix, I am 20 and HAVE retail experience prior to Publix and have been there for 9 months now, minor's are making exactly what I'm making per hour. On top of it all, all I am to them is "meets expectations" on my performance eval, but that lazy *** kid over there got "exceeds expectations" and got a 50 CENT raise and now makes more than I do.


I highly doubt your district manager hates you and has any affect on your schedule or hours. The reason for these actions are probably because you cannot perform your job to an even Meets expectations level.

You have been with the company for five years. So you probably feel that you are entitled to something. Maybe coming in late excessivly or calling out to use your sick days. Do you have a tendancy to loaf or not use the time you are scheduled to productively do your job?

Are you upset because your manager cannot be there 24 hours a day 7 days a week to hold your hand? You have stated that you have worked in many different departments. Is that because your managers have tried to find the right fit for you as an associate other than just firing you? If a District manager for Publix has enough time on his hands to make sure that you personally are not getting scheduled and not getting raises.

Than Publix has issues. The fact is you probably have HR and your District Managers phone number on speed dial.

Publix is probably not a great choice for you as a career. Walmart is there for you find the way!


manager-(taken out the m and both a and what do you get (n-iger) :grin 8) :eek :zzz :? :x


-------------PLANET OF THE APES============ :grin :p :upset :eek


I have never worked in a more hostile environment than I have at Publix. I just turned in my two week notice, and cannot wait to leave.

I am so sick of being treated with no respect at all.

This place is full of Florida people and they come up here and think they are at home, but they are visitors..this is our house up here, and they are guests. Act like guests instead of ***.


Tasha and others fail to mention that the test are simply used for knowledge, Character. to accuse or even say name calling to a person LAZY is un called for.

If the management and associates were properly trained after the 90 days. The upper management would do continue education on not when they were promoted or the phrase this is how we do it at our store attitude, then maybe Publix as a Company would have the correct and consistent STANDARDS.

It is no longer a test scoring system but a Store Manager who maybe unable to do your position make a life decision for you and your hard work to ROI. As told to me we all work someone but we all started some where in the Publix Standards or is it How the store manager can decide your future at the finalist choice meetings, not your knowledge or dedication to better ourselves at Publix.

@Open door policy