Lawrenceville, Georgia

I have been employed at Publix for over 26 years. I can tell you this is not the same company I started with. Mr George always believed in his people and took care of.. This company is now more concerned with profits than customer service and retaining of their quality people.

I have not had a raise over 3 years while the company is making record profits. Last reason I was told is that we are under "cost containment" For what, so the CEO can make more money?

This is the beginning to the end as that type attitude will be their demise

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Publix SUCKS! I've been working there for just over two months and I cannot believe what I'm seeing.

I have to clean or mop (heck, or both) every day that I'm there. I have to stay till 10:30pm during the school week, and I come to school looking like a zombie, I cannot concentrate on my schoolwork anymore! I work both Saturday and Sunday, and I stay till 11pm both nights! My manager is like the Florida rain, one second she's all peppy, the next she's scolding me for something I didn't do.

I'm relatively new and still trying to adjust to things, so I ask a lot of questions so I don't make any mistakes. Apparently this bothers people. Just recently, both of my managers called me into their office and told me that the other workers have been talking *** about me, saying that I basically do nothing! I couldn't believe my ears!

I'm here slaving away with a few other people, for hours, while everyone else is just having it all easy. I cannot put my fury to words. Publix, I am SO out. Will never step a foot in your store again.

If you want to work here, prepare to loose a lot of sleep. Oh, and you better be GREAT at cleaning, otherwise, you're screwed.




AMEN. I couldn't have said it better myself.


I'm going to quit in an hour. I've realized that Publix is out to get you from the start..

No matter how hard you try they will not reason with you. I got in a car accident a couple months ago and I now have a herniated disc in my back and the pain is awful most of the time and around the time of my car accident they decided to implement this new cleaning procedure for baggers where they make one person do every chore with a time limit of 4 hours. I had to clean the bathrooms, the lounge, take out all of the trash, vacuum the front lobby, take out the recyclables, sweep and mop both the break room and the bathrooms, stock the bathrooms, clean the toilets, then on top of that sweep the whole store and run the floor care machine all in 4 hours when they have a total of 4-5 other baggers up front doing front end, the easiest chore which takes 30mins top and when they get done they all just laugh and talk and have a wonderful time while me or a select few others they slavedrive into the ground do all of the work. Well before getting a dr note for my back I thought hey maybe if I change my availability to where I don't have to close I won't have to clean and I won't have to be helpless.

WRONG I go to turn in my availability request to a manager and just my luck every single manager is in the computer room and they ask why I'm changing my availability and I say because I have finals coming up and I need to study more reasonable enough you'd think right? Of course not the store manager belittles me infront of all the other managers and says you don't study at night time and I said yeah I do? I have finals coming up why wouldn't I? And he said look here this request you're trying to put in it means nothing now and I'm going to put a memo out stating that all front service clerks are going back to there original hours they got when they were hired.

He said he was going to ask the district manager and once he approves it to get ready. I almost quit right there but I didn't because I was so shocked that this *** store manager thinks that he can change the availability of employees back to when they started. I was in highschool when I started now I'm in college of course I'm going to have a completely different schedule. Isn't Publix supposed to have "flexible schedules?" Of course it didn't get all the way approved but that's when I finally realized wow this company is just cruel.

I then got a Dr.s note and worded it so that I would not have to everything because it's killing my back and things were okay for a little bit until this week. I changed my availbility for my new semester about 3 weeks ago and I made sure it got approved because I actually called them to make sure the store manager wasn't there this time(sad that I actually had to do that) and when I checked my schedule all the days I couldn't work weren't on there and I finally thought they were going to give me a break! WRONG again I check my schedule today and they have me working on Sunday, Gods day and I had the past two off and I've been going to church and becoming a better man so when I see this I'm thinking it must be a mistake so I call Publix and ask to speak to my manager and I'm explaining to him how I put my request in and how I had the past two Sunday's off why am I working this Sunday? He says in a very rude tone," I guess you had those off?

Idk and we told you from the get go that you couldn't change your weekend availability, I guess you can try to find someone to work it for you if you want it off so bad." I just said alright and hung up. They didn't tell me *** from the get go they just made up that *** a couple of weeks ago! They just hired 5 new people I've been there over a year I don't understand why I can't have Sunday's off!!!! My ranting is over just like my career with Publix is.

Overall horrible place to work at. The hard workers are never seen and the laziest ones get away with anything and everything *** Publix I'm out


I just no call no showed and I plan to again tomorrow. I've decided that Publix is a *** place to work for and no matter how much hard work you put in you're always *** on no matter what. I quit


Publix is an awful company to work for and has changed so much. I just quit.


It's there point system is the problem and management if manager like you they will give you other than that you Evaluate the store manager and manager if there not doing a good job then say so


I've never worked for publix, but over the years I've met a few people who have.. I used to think it was a pretty cool place and thought if I ever needed a job I would give them a try...

well that was then.. I used to know this guy who worked the pharmacy. I guess in order to save money they decided to make everyone part time; therefore they don't have to give the employee any benefits like paid time off or to use their health insurance.. also the real wages have dropped.

Professional technicians are paid poorly. These are the people who handle your meds; you would think they would pay and keep good quality people. As is because of their part time schedule, (management calls them flexible schedules) they can screw with your schedule and time off. Not that you can have any time off because as soon as you are done with your shift at publix you have to go to your other part time job so that you can make ends meet.

(the south Florida area is expensive to live in) Finally, you can be a really good employee, but the customer is always right, and the management will always side with the customer and no matter how god awful the customer was and how poorly they treated you, the management takes the side of the customer and the problem customers know this.

Instead of addressing this issue, they nitpick at the way you look, the shoes you wear, the jewelry, etc... Mr. George would really not like what they have done to the "family"

in any case I can write this now, that guy I knew left the area, moved back north where they still have better wages and lower cost of living...

he asked not to write this because he was afraid of retribution. Doesn't matter now..

he is glad he is gone..

and no he wasn't an isolated incident this is the norm.

Don't work for them..


Publix exploits the *** out of passport since they're the only ones who get to keep any back logs of original information that they keep altering. They've tried to cleanse their staff by adjusting their shift 30 mins behind so they show up 30 mins late.

A coworker of mine called them out twice already, providing photos of the schedule he was originally given. They had the pink slips ready and everything.


Today is final day employed with Publix. Free at last, free at last!

Thank God almighty I am free at last! If I had known what this company was really like to work for I never would have joined them 8 years ago. No raise in over 2 years and pat timers are coming making more then I do now AND getting better shifts all because their mother is friends with a manager.

What a joke of a company. And FYI to any customer who reads this, the cakes in the bakery come in frozen just like 75% of the other "fresh baked" goodies.


You are right 75 % or more are frozen. I work in the frozen food warehouse for publix, (rolls,cake,bread,and so on) ,they are bring in cheap laber. thay can not read the instruction how to make the cakes and so on,most of them have a green card.


I know what it was. No raise 2.5 years, one iffy supervisor, One mother very ill and needing me to be there every day. Yes maybe we are free.


I could relate to a lot of these stories...

Just today an employee puffed heavy vaping smoke in the break room -who's a minor mind you...-

And the room smelled heavily of cinnamon mostly...

I have a minor asthma problem but also have an allergy to any type of cigarette smoke/vaping smoke if I do smell it.

Ended up at a wellness center and now have an immediate doctors appointment tomorrow because of this problem.

I'm certain there's a rule for smoking any where inside publix. No matter if it's even a vapor/e-cigs...

There's been many things that could explain about what went on in this store...

I've been working for the company for 8 years...and do not even earn a 10 dollars an hour....the management always claiming that you have to succeed higher and higher on your evals when I've seen -including the *** that puffed smoke in the break room today earning employee of the month this year...- Employees shoving all into one bag and claiming to double bag now because it's against the rules.... So much ***....but it's the only money can earn right now until I've graduated from college...


Come off it. All of you anti-vaping people are so full of it.

Vaping does NOT produce smoke. I suppose your also allergic to hot steamy showers as well, beware of the shower vapor. I suppose you also don't eat food, or take any medications, brush your teeth, wash your hair, etc. etc.

etc. The liquid used ecig vapor is found in all sorts of things you use or ingest everyday. It has also been used in certain inhalers/nebulizers as the liquid carrier for the medicine since the 1950's.

The flavorings in the vapor are food flavorings. You are already ingesting them on a daily basis.

Heck, you smell your food on a daily basis. But hey since you want to complain about the vapor smell, then I'm going to complain about your perfume/cologne/food because I'm allergic to the way it smells, LOL.

Just admit that you have a problem with it because it has the stigma that it "looks" like smoking. Change your perception, save a smokers life.

As to publix, yeah they suck.

The evals are make believe BS. They will fraudulently score you low on something just so they won't have to give you their puny couple a pennies an hour raise. They will also lie to you straight to your face. I took this job so i could move back to my hometown.

I have 14 years management experience and a bachelors degree in business administration. I've had well over 400 employees under me at one time in three store locations as well as being a full time GM at one of the locations. They sweet talked me saying they would fast track me into management within 6 months, coming up on 3 years but nothing but lateral no raise promotions. What gets me more is that they will bring in managers from other stores that can't even do their job.

So get this, I get to be the one who gets to train these incompetent managers how to perform their job. Friggin ridiculous.

Heck I even had to train the store manager, as well as perform some of their duties. The only reason why I'm still there is so I can get my 401k/stock vested, but they keep changing that too.

@Dissapointed in Florida

Doctor of the year award goes to this *** who is in charge of few grocery stores and apparently knows nothing about asthma. Keep up the good work.

Hope you are not training all of your employees with those idiotic theories.

There is a new thing out called the internet that allows you to look things up like this, you should try it. All of your examples do cause an asthma attack.


yes, this is my story as well.almost 26 years with the company and it is not the same publix that I started with years ago! Mr.

George would roll over in his grave if he saw what was happening to his company! it's hard to believe what has happened to this once great Supermarket.

all I can say is that I'm glad he is not alive to see what his children have done to his company. may he rest in peace!


Or worse, they start to come up for reasons why you can't get a raise. At my store if you're not a "roll model" after 9 something, no raise.

(My little brother comes up missing and I'm late once, no more raise) sorry but *** you guys, my brother comes first.

And geico is starting people off at almost 15 for the 6mo evaluatory phase. Low pay + stock ownership is just another way for the big P to own your soul.


I do have to say that Publix has not kept up with the times. I left full time in 1990 and the top pay is just a $1.50 more than what it was back then.

They try to make you go into management instead of keeping an outstanding employee. I know people that have been with Publix for over 25 years as a stock clerk and only making $14ph. Now I have seen a lot of *** that works there and some good. I see a lot of woman that say they should be managers and cannot manage ***.

I see a lot of black & Spanish employees that think that should be managers because they are minorities. I am one of the and think that is ***. Most of the winers are the problem and there are some that fell through the holes of the system.

I many years with Publix, I have only met 2 black guys and 3 woman and 1 Haitian that were worth going into management. The rest just we're put there because of what they were not because they deserved it.

@Julio the stocker

I guess that puts you in the same bracket because you apparently are a minority and you don't deserve it either because of the color of your skin huh.....ah good ole 21st Century racism...

@Julio the stocker

could not agree more with you! Publix promotes on skin color now, not on qualifications!