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I worked for Publix as a seasonal employee. We went to training for 2 days but when we went to the stotre we were the time they spent with the company.told to forget what "they saidD" The mgmt is not trained or apparently not considered by their yrs of mgnt experienced but promoted by the time they have spent in a job.

Having been a store owner and business person I found this strange that young ppl using harsh and vulgar language were rewarded with promotions., I further realized that "cussing and swearing"about customers were common practice". The young man that was the Grocery Mgr had no problem with this and soon after he had a chance to hire a new ASM the news was clear. WE DON'T CARE, GET THE GOODS OUT AND PICK UP THE VOLUME. Publix loves to ad that they care, but they don't care about their employees or the public.

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Maybe not all stores or manageres are the same but in my case I started as a bagger and worked my way up to grocery and after a year I got my fulltime because I'm a hard worker and I'm pretty good with costumer but I notice how other employes who work there longer than me hated working there and I didn't understood why. In the beggining my manegers loved the way I work and I saw publix as my future so I wanted to keep working my way up but then one of my manegers started try to misstreat me for no particular reason because I proved him wrong on something he brought to the store managers attention and after that I became enemy of the state.they would look for things to complaint about and I keep proving them wrong and when I try to ask my store manager about there behavior with me he simply laugh in my face and keep treating my like I didn't deserve to work there and it was a constant thing.

That one maneger who started everithing was my assistant grocery and he's pretty young to be a manager so I believe that that had to do with he's unprofesianlism and inmaturnes so when I realize that managers at publix take it personal with employees when they don't agree with them and they also retaliate when employees prove them wrong I just started going to school and got my degree so I'm not part of that place that's run by *** because only *** believe what they want to believe and run a business the way hitler run Germany when he was alive. I'm glad I'm not part of that place anymore and I'm happy whit my new job regardless off what anybody says.


As untrained as the managers are. You should be glad that you were hired in the first place with your level of spelling and grammar, because face it most companies don't hire those who have a second grade level of education. You want to be rewarded with a promotion go back to school and finish the second grade.