Birmingham, Alabama

My name is Mrs.Shirley Lathem and i am disabled,i use a wheelchair to get around and i have had atleast 20 surgeries .i don`t get out of my home often because of my appearence so i decided on 07/19/2013 to come with my daughter and grandson to shop and suprise my sister who works at publix in the produce department.Myself and my daughter love publix.when i got to her department i had to use the restroom really really bad and i couldn`t make it back to the front of the store because i take so many medicines daily ,so i asked her if there was a restroom back here and she told me that she would escort me to the one in her department so i wounldn`t urainate on myself, we went through the doors and my sister stood there holding the restroom door for me, there was a lady that came through the doors and i don`t no if it was me or my sister that this lady was angry at but i was very offened by what she said her exact statement i felt was towards me in saying "WHAT IS THIS"? I know she was referring to me .As a human being i was offened and embrassed i wasn`t sure if she was referring to my physical appearance or just me in general.I spent my money in your store just like anyone else .I wasn`t going to say anything about the incedent but i changed my mind i talked to my sister and she suggested to let it go because she had spoken to her manager but i felt as if i needed to let your office know what happened because no one deserves to be made to feel bad about themselves no matter how the look.and i can assure you that i was really hurt.she was a very rude white lady with black hair. I later found out her name to be denise she is the store floist.i am really considering making walmart a pleasure to shop from now on.

  • not so nice employee
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I'm sorry write down there name it always. Those employees make bad for every one else write there name complain let go when they get there reviews they change or they leave


Sounds to me that when she said "What is this?" She was just startled by a customer coming through and using the department bathroom. More of a "What is this...SITUATION" rather than "What is this...PERSON"


just because you had a bad experience with one employee please don't stop shopping with us. I am truly sorry you had a very rude employee confront you and I bet she did get a talking to, and try not to let her ruin your trip to publix.


At least you don't have to worry about Erectile Dysfunction when you shop or work at Publix - You just get screwed every day!