Chesterfield, South Carolina

I have worked for publix for over a year now and had plenty of good times there. That was untill i saw their true nature.

First of ive ben nothing but kind and funny to my customers. There in lies one of the problems im too kind apparently. My boss has consistently waving at me to scan faster while i am having a good conversion with the customers. Not just that but i am also one of the fastest cashiers at the store and in a performance review she tells me that i need to pay more attention to scanning the groceries than the customer.

Wtf!? That goes against everything you have tought me, the customers are king allways. Reasontly ive ben told to put a small necklace away, it was a gift from my parents and a replacement necklace for the one my grandmother gave me that i lost years ago.

Its verry small the chain is less than 1cm wide and has a cross on the end of it the size of a dime. Thats wasnt the problem, the problem is multiple people wear earrings and have tattoos and arnt forced to put them away, may i ask why?

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I've been held up more by customers who don't have money, coupons, checks or whatever ready when it's time to pay.


Apparently if your chatting up customers your not the fastest cashier. Also your really gonna come on here and complain? Its a job and you can always look elsewhere if you think its that bad!


I LOVE getting customers out of my line as fast as possible. Unfortunately, there are many customers who want to hold a conversation whether I want to or not.

At least 4 to 5 times a day I have a customer that stands by my register and continues to talk to me well after I have scanned and bagged their groceries.

Even if I don't respond many just don't get the hint. You 'Publix Shopper' would be my dream customer because there are not many like you.


Retail managers have a lot of overseeing to do. If your manager is gesturing you to proceed with your scanning, it's probably because the manager caught a glimpse of the people's frustrated faces in line.

They are there for a reason. to buy groceries....period. nobody goes to publix to engage in conversations with cashiers. while your job might be to interact with hundreds of people a day behind the same counter, that's not the customers fault.

stop babbling and scan those groceries. It's what you get paid to do anyway.

I would rather a cashier not say a single word if they can ring me out in record time. especially with a line forming.


I work for Publix and the customer is always queen (or king!) You have to be efficient and friendly. Craft a conversation that politely ends along with the transaction and keep scanning those groceries! Part of a pleasurable shopping experience is a speedy checkout with friendly clerks!


Dont listen to the first comment shes a ***


When I shop at Publix, the last thing I want is a chatty cashier. I want my items scanned quickly and bagged so I can get on with my day.

If I need to talk to someone, I have friends I can call. Just thought I'd give you my opinion as a shopper.