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Not only are many in management afraid to say boo because of a particular boss at one of the warehouses (I won't even mention where this is for fear of retribution to a loved one), but they allow one of their managers to get away with sexual harassment and many of them to get away with racism.

With the one manager also having sexual relations with multiple female employees, using and abusing his authority to do so, by the way. They're afraid to speak up probably for their own job security but also because they're afraid people will cry racism, which is rampant in both directions. Although only cared about in the one, apparently.

The manager in question being white and the women he harasses and has relations with, being black. They may go along with it because they fear their job security.

But it works the other way too. They will believe a black employee who runs and tattles on the white employees every time, even if they have zero proof of the complaint.

Whereas, even with documented proof, if a white employee tries to complain, they are told to mind their own business and that the company is happy with so-and-so's work.

Then there is the matter of allowing two employees to grope one another and wrestle around on the floor for hours on end. They happen to be black, and call me racist (I'm not white nor black), but the plain truth of the matter is, all the white employees who witness this outrageous behavior can't say a word about it or they will be told they need proof.

The black employees are allowed more slack and to do as they please much more often such as leaving work early, spending time chatting on their phones or with one another, taking far more breaks, etc. And never have to answer for it.

Whereas if any of the white employees stops for five minutes to have a chat with one another, they are called out on it and get in trouble for it. NOT all, by no means am I suggesting 'all' black employees are acting inappropriate nor all white employees. Many still do their jobs and work hard.

I would say 'reverse racism' but the plain and simple truth is, it is racism and both ways. Sexism, racism, corruption. They have even gone so far as to falsify documents more than once, in order to get someone in trouble for something and lie about it even though the person was innocent. Yes, the person is white. Go figure.

And these are white bosses as well that are allowing this to happen and doing these things and telling the white employees to mind their own business but encouraging the black employees to tattle and letting them get away with anything and everything.

The one white boss is highly corrupt and harassing black women employees. I personally feel criminal charges should be in order for him as well as a black employee who has sabotaged and continues to sabotage many of her coworkers for the mere reason that she has severe psychological problems.

I, personally, have witnessed a bright, caring person who always loved and accepted and embraced all people, having worked there and turned into a bitter, biased person who is feeling hopeless and hating themselves for now feeling racist for the favoritism being played out.

It is outrageous, very frustrating, painfully corrupt, and horrible to see such lack of character on most people involved in all of this. The sad thing is, the couple of people who would love to come forward with it, know everyone else will lie to cover their own butts and falsify whatever they need to to hide the corruption and let it continue on. I don't think it needs to be black and white, I think it is about lack of integrity and extreme lack of character.

If you work for a Publix warehouse or intend to, I would be very very cautious. If you intend to shop at a Publix store or do so, I would think hard about who it is you're supporting. - P

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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Evelyn, if you have a ligitimate complaint and proof to back it up, then take it to their corporate office and repot it. I don't understand what good it does to vent this online or what possible advice you're looking for. Take your complaints to corporate!


Publix is a White man's Company all the other races working in there will eventually face discrimination on the basis of pay or when it comes to promotion. I personally has experienced many events where I was plainly discriminated against other white employees when it came to pay and promotion.

Our store manager is white and he is one of the most corrupt manager we ever had in our store. People are scared to say anything because of their job security.


SOME PUBLIX WORKERS HAVE AIDS AND TOUCH THE FOOD THAT YOU EAT WITH BARE HANDS. Publix have very sick GGAAAAY men at their stores that get small pay.


I would report the allegations of sexual misconduct to corporate. Name the building.

Name the manager. Use a pseudo name to protect yourself and your family members from any back lash. The manager is not supposed to be taking advantage of his lower paid employees, black or white. It is extremely unprofessional.

You may also report the allegations of racism but I do not think they will take you seriously. That's how things are unfortunately.


I agree :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


really lady? Go back to your knitting and mind your OWN BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!! :upset :upset :upset :upset :roll :roll :roll


If you have nothing productive to add or helpful to say, than why bother commenting. You don't know my side of things and just assume I'm nosy and trying to get people in trouble. It isn't about that at all.

Also, I'm not just trying to be mean, they need serious help and I don't know how to help them. I have people I care about who work there and one in particular in threat of losing their job due to this terrible corruption. You may not bother and be apathetic toward your loved ones, but I happen to care about my family and friends and try to help them even if it puts me on the line and isn't my most fun time. I take the time for people I care about rather than sit around online waiting to say nasty things just for the heck of it and bad mouth people I don't know. I have a life, and my loved ones are a big part of it. Nothing is wrong with that and taking time to be there and support those you love. This is about people I DO know and am trying to help because they asked for my help and because they're in trouble. This IS my business.

Anyway, clearly I won't be getting any helpful feedback here.


You need to get yourself a life and mind your own business snoopy sniffer!!!!! :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek