Tampa, Florida

The turkey was injected with high concentrations of pepper . I like publix but recently they have cut out the products I like .

This year the turkey put me over, it was so peppery my nose was running .The price was so good I bought 4,now I am sorry.I can't understand how this can happen .

They must test their product before it is sold .,they should have put a warning label on it.This ruined all of my families thanksgiving and tomorrow I am going to publix to complain in person. If anyone else has this problem please reply and take action too.

Monetary Loss: $38.

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Jenny O,,,,comes with gravy pouch 68 cents ,,always been a Butterball fan but Jenny O gets my vote,,I even buy them for my dogs,,Turkey,gravy and boil the carcuss for A Lot of meat and gravy !


I've experenced it also in Brandon , on the label it still says celery and pepper juices I can no longer buy the store brand it turns out the same in north Fl I'd hoped it was just a fluke of location. Now I insist on paying the insane price for another brand of turkey, though I'm sure publix is better for us the pepper ruins everything from Turkey veg stuffing right down to attempting to wash away the after taste. Impossible


I ordered the pre cooked Thanksgiving Dinner and the Turkey tasted awful. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the inner bag that Butterball tells you to leave on the turkey when heating up the bird.

It was a weird taste. weird like chemical, not a spice or rub that was used.

I hope it's not toxic.


Been buying Publix frozen turkeys for years. This year, the taste was awful, like some weird flavor was added to it.

Had to spit it out for fear of getting ill.

Ruined Thanksgiving dinner.


had same problem - tasted weird - i've cooked turkeys for years and this one just tasted bad - is that why it was cheap


i had the same problem

ruined our thanksgiving day dinner

thanks publix


Wow, really strange. I just finished eating some Publix turkey leftovers and was just exclaiming to a coworker about how good Publix cooked turkey is.

It's a shame you all had such a bad experience.

I wonder if it was just a mistake at an individual store? This year was my first experience with a Publix precooked turkey and I have already decided that I will do it again next year.


Let me remind you that Publix has a policy that if for any reason your purchase does not give you complete satisfaction, you can return the product to the store and they will refund the full purchase price. Speak to the Store or Deli Manager.


I had the same problem with my turkey that I bought at publix for Thanksgiving this year. I sent an email of complaint to my local store.

The wrapper said that they use up to a 7% solution of flavoring (celery, etc) and it was HORRIFFIC tasting. Never again will I purchase another holiday turkey from Publix.

If I do not hear from the store by the middle of next week, I will complain to the manager in person. It was horrible and now I am stuck with 10 lbs of leftover turkey that is so horribly flavored I can't use it in leftovers, except maybe soup.