Irmo, South Carolina

Publix expects my husband to work all kind of crazy shifts.

They make him stay late when the part time slackers call in "sick".

They never give him weekend days off.

They never give him holidays off.

If he request to have a weekend day off (so we can have a day together) they will make him work 13 days striaght. One day he will work 2pm to 11pm (actually doesn't leave until 11:30), then he has to be back at work the next morning at 7am and work until 5:30pm. by the time he gets home he is so exhausted that he falls asleep and we have NO time together even though he got off at 5:30pm.

his boss has an attitude if my husband asks for a day off.

Truck days are strictly prohibitted to be taken off (which are Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays).

Publix only gives 25 cent raises too. So the pay isn't worth anything.

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I work for public in Greenville sc (Furman) this company is just like Wall Mart we as employees get treated like and talked to like slaves worst company I've ever worked for. They make me do the same thing work 7 to 8 days straight, when I leave publix I will make sure everyone knows how dirty of a company they really are they are all fake on how public is a great place to work. Managers come in late 2 to 3 hrs late and tells us we need to pick up the pace while they stay in the office all day and then they leave early or take 2 to 3 hrs lunches while employees get introuble if we did that but it's ok for them that bs


After having worked at Publix for many years, I can totally agree with you. Publix is one of the worst companies anyone could ever work for.

In spite of their claims that they treat every employee with dignity, they remain one of the worst companies ever! If it weren't for the bad economy, and my unfortunate situation. I would've left years ago. I have been screamed at, insulted and mistreated by management and team leaders ever since I started working there.

The only other upermarket I found to be worse was Winn-Dixie. The only thing good about Publix is their benefits. But they way they handle promotions and schedules is ridiculous. Over the years, I have had things done to me by members of management that are downright unethical, as well as illegal.

And I'm not kidding! I had one manager physically grab me, drag me to a register and shove me, simply because he caught me standing around. Another manager forced me to come back to work after I was injured on the job, and the doctor told me to stay home for a week. Some of the things that go on there should be reported to the authorities.

I could tell you a million stories, but I won't.

I'll spare you the time. Publix should be investigated!


If he hates it so much why does he still work there, and why are you the one writing this? My husband would be pissed if I wrote anything about his job on the internet like he is a wuss or something.

Jedi Knight Ethen

On the bonus side, the good thing for him is he does not have to look at you when he is working.

@Jedi Knight Ethen

People like u shod just drop dead. Shut the *** up you immature little ***


1. There is no more 25 cent raise anymore and it is a 10 cent raise.

2. Publix is a good place to work if you are full time not part time.

3. Publix is not worried if you have a family emergency that comes up

because all they care if you come in to work you shifts as required.

4. Management believe in the policy Publix comes first and everything

else second.

5. If you want to spend time with your family you can forget about


6. Managers are liars.

That is the cold hard truth but I guess some Publix fans will disagree with me.

@Publix Employee

The greed for profit is increasing.

Working people not interested.

You are a number, and no humans.

It is so sad


Sounds like your husband is either asking for hours like that to make money. Managers work 11hr shifts with two days off.

If required he will work 6 days. So your husband is not management but works as if he wants to be. If he keeps it up then he will be and pay will be good. You have to start from the bottom to get to the top.

By the way the benefits are excellent there!

Plus he gets vacation days. No other job treats the employees as good as publix.


Um, perhaps your husband should borrow someone's balls and go speak to the store manager?


Publix doesnt make non management work overtime. Your complaint has very little merit.

If you request a day at the beginning of the week ( which is saturday for publix), you're going to be working many days in a row. When he applied, the application says holiday and weekend work maybe required.

Well when you go full time, its required. You should be happy he has a job in this economy.


A 25 cent raise is quite a bit in my day. Plus, he shall someday receive reparations for this injustice.