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i went shopping @ the publix in port saint lucie fl. on us1 and prima vista and on that day i went shopping for business and personal items @ publix. to make a long story short i was waiting for the employee @ the deli to slice meat for me and she was very pleasent. my 1 year old was getting restless for sitting in the cart and i tried my best to tend to her. if you are a parent you can imagine how hard it is shopping with a little one. as i was tending to my daughter i hear a voice sream with passion shut that baby up!!! UGGGGGGGGG! with all the mannerism to go with it.

i turned around to confrot her and she said she could not hear the coustmers because of my daughter. no excuse publix. come to find out she is the deli manager. i went straight to the front desk with tears flowing from the embrassement and abuse i had recived. the manger came out and was not as worried about the incident as i was and he said the he would talk to her. i said thats not enough and i told him i was contacting the coorprate office. he said go ahead and do that all thier going to do is send me a letter and i going to talk to her like i going to do now and thats all. so i was in tears my daughter was upset to see me upset and the manger did not do anything to make things right.

i went home and contacted coustmer service and they were closed because it was sunday. so i called the next day and left a message of my complaint. i then spoke to the district manager a few days later who heard my story and seemed very worried about the situation. he assured me that he would take care of the matter. he also said he would send a letter out to me. 1 week later a letter arrived with apolgy from publix and a gift card for 25 $. i am so disatisfied with the way this was handled. i will not use their gift card and i will not let this go, the deli manger and publix needs to be held liable for customer and child abuse. shopping is not a pleasure with publix. thanks for hearing me out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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Look, corporate did what you wanted right? The store manager went and talked to the deli manager. He/she told her to get it right, probably wanted to know why she did it. They sent a letter of apology and a way to make up for it.

What did you want? The deli manager fired for that one act, b/c YOU couldn't control YOUR child? $300 b/c YOU couldn't control YOUR child in a private establishment? That's unreasonable. You wouldn't go to an upscale restaurant and let your child scream like he!!'s fury, only to get upset when they present an ultimatum and asked you to either quiet the child or leave, would you? If so, I'm sorry you're in the wrong.

I've worked in grocery retail before, and I'm sorry, its quite irritating when someone lets their brat scream all over the store. If this happened several time in a day, along with other stressing events in my life, I'd tell someone to "...shut that baby up!!" (you're probably leaving out the part where she said "will someone ...").


I would have said something to your BRAT TOO!

Go to the bakery give that baby a cookie and get a balloon and ***

If you don't want that $25.00 gift card I will gladly take it!


Excuse me....I am a mother myself, BUT....what exactly was done for it to be called "child abuse" ????? LMAO !

You know, when I am shopping, I've seen so many other moms not being in control over their children....period. Letting them goof off, run around....until something happens....and they'll sue the company for their neglect as a parent !

If my child acts up, and I can't calm him down....I rather excuse myself, and go OUTSIDE the store.

Why would I be selfish enough to ruin other peoples shopping trip, exposing and torturing them with my screaming child ???

On the other hand, if I am shopping that would be the last thing I wanted to hear.....a screaming child carrying on....whether it's my own or someone else's.

You'll need to get over it.....or shop some place else.


Hi Amani06,

Sorry to hear someone else had to tell you to do what you should have done yourself. But Heck! It's normal now to be a bad parent and not control your kids. In fact you probably think my comments are harsh and cruel. But the truth be told, you really should be able to control your kids in public or don't take them in public. In fact, if you realized that you were incapable of controlling your first child, you should have gone to the doctor to get sterilized. Better for you, better for everyone else. And don't say it is impossible, because that will show your true ignorance and stupidity. I was able to raise 3 children and they were never abused, but they knew how to behave in public and became very successful adults. But then again there are a lot of parents that are not fit to be parents and don't deserve the kids that God provided. I guess you are one of them.

Now as for the discipline of the manager. You made your point. That manager should have had a bit more control. Unfortunatly we only have the one side and not all the facts. But lets say you are 100% accurate and there was no other reason for that manager to yell at you to shut you kid up. The store manager and the corporate managers involved will handle it from there. But then I guess you really don't care. You are interested in blood and want to see them fired. Too bad you whiney child spoiler! Grow up.


What did you want to happen? Did you want the deli manager to be flogged publicly? Did you want her to be summarily executed?

How do you know the manager wasn't worried about? You were hysterical.

And he was right. The same thing happens whether you call corporate or not. He addressed it with the manager and counseled her appropriately.

So, what did you want to happen?


Did you ever stop to think that maybe that person was having a really bad day? Maybe that person just had a death in the family or maybe they are a struggling parent who is having a hard time making ends meet.

And why do I some how have a feeling that you have probably made this sound worse than it really is? I know I have seen many customers do that before. Whatever, get over it and move on.

If I was you, I would have taken my baby outside so as not to disturb everyone else in the store. Don't forget, that person does have freedom of speech!!


if you ae not satisfied email corporate i promise you they will handle it. i am a assistant deli manager for publix and every stolre is not like that and our district manager would have handled it better.


If I was you I would keep the little brat at home instead of taking the screaming brat out for others to have to listen to. Why should others have to listen to your child when you should of used birth control sense you don't know how to make a child behave in public


If this happend in my presence as the father, that deli clerk manager would be reamed beyond recognition .. and then some.

A 1 year old child?

Unbelievable. Accept the certificate ..

and use it there. Follow-up and find out what actions were taken with that deli clerk *** manager.


Give me a break it was really late.


learn 2 spell