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My husband and I decided to order our Thanksgiving dinner from Publix this year- We were under the impression all we had to do was heat and serve.Well, we got quite a surprise when we read the instructions on the turkey that said "heat" for 90-120 mins before serving. Now, to me that is not heating that is cooking!!!!

In the beginning we decided to "heat" it for less time which turned out to be a big mistake because the turkey was not done.

The whole dinner was much less than we expected!!!!!! We will never order a dinner from Publix again!!!!!

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Well, Publix certainly has some loyal customers in y'all-I have cooked turkey dinners for my family for years and am well aware of how long it takes to cook a turkey-let me ask you this if a turkey is pink inside how can you call it fully cooked-regardless of how long you have to "heat" it-FYI I have plenty of common sense and it tells me never to order another "fully cooked" meal from anywhere again


Don't blame the deli because your *** *** decided to deviate from the SIMPLE heating instructions. 1 1/2 to 2 hrs.

isn't that much time anyway to heat a turkey. Besides, turkeys are pretty big for the most part, so it's gonna take some time for it to get heated all the way through.

Would you rather bake it in the over for twice or thrice that amount of time? I'd hate to imagine how long your dumb *** would have cooked the turkey had it not been fully cooked already.


I don't understand. If the instructions on the turkey read to heat for 90 to 120 minutes, why would you heat it for less time? The turkeys are fully cooked and all you had to do was follow the heating instructions.


How do you expect to just heat a huge turkey in such a short period of time? You do realize something that size cannot just be heated for safety reasons?

Oh no you didn't know thats why you thought that. Oops my mistake for thinking you had any common sense.