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My husband and I decided to order our Thanksgiving dinner from Publix this year- We were under the impression all we had to do was heat and serve.Well, we got quite a surprise when we read the instructions on the turkey that said "heat" for 90-120 mins before serving. Now, to me that is not heating that is cooking!!!!

In the beginning we decided to "heat" it for less time which turned out to be a big mistake because the turkey was not done.

The whole dinner was much less than we expected!!!!!! We will never order a dinner from Publix again!!!!!

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I purchased a Thanksgiving meal for my family last year and it was fantastic. I will be a repeat customer again this year.

I knew that there would be a 2-hour time requirement to reheat the food. It was so easy. Instead of sweating in the kitchen all day, I was able to spend time with my loved ones. To me, that's what the holidays are all about.

Whats more, I'm not generally a big fan of cornbread stuffing; I prefer my mother's recipe.

However, even the stuffing was amazing. I highly recommend this meal package.


All we ate was the turkey the combread, potatoe n veg sucked. Can I just buy a precooked butterball??


We've ordered the Publix meal for years and it's always been great. If you didn't know the meal would have to be heated, then that's on you. Everything says so, including when you order it!


We read All info before ordering, so we knew oven time of hour and half was needed. Sure beats trying to thaw a frozen turkey for days and ensuing prep work.

We went to the beach instead and picked up our wonderfully quick and easy and delicious Thanksgiving dinner on the way home. Thank you, Publix


11/26/17 My mom ordered the Publix Thanksgiving Dinner service for 18 and it was Terrible! She is so embarrassed.

The Turkey tasted very old! The instructions said to just heat, but when she opened the package it was watery and not done! The dressing was inedible. So gross!

Mushy & tasteless. Stouffers instant would have been a better choice. It went in the garbage and she had to remake another recipe. The mashed potatoes were suppose to be Yukon Gold.

But they were grainy, runny & lumpy. They had to have been instant. The gravy tasted like it came from a can. Of the whole meal the cranberries and the marshmallow fluff were the only edible items.


@Laura B

We had to order a pre-cooked meal this year due to the fact our oven broke. We did heat the 16.7 lb turkey in a turkey roaster which was the best Butterball turkey.

Very juicy . It only took about 2 hours to warm in our roaster. The cornbread stuffing was nasty not sure who thinks that is good. We did remove it from the original container and put in a casserole dish but OMG nasty.

The cranberry relish and marshmallow delight was good. Gravy wasn't terrible but I have had better. We never tried the mashed potatoes because my family always looks forward to my homemade potatoes. Lots of butter,heavy cream, whole milk, Parmesan cheese, a dash or 2 of cayenne pepper, salt to taste and 2-3 tablespoon of Daisy sour cream so I know my family would'nt eat pre-made instant potatoes LOL.

Over all not bad but I did make all of our family favorites for side dishes and I'm glad I did.

I even made my grandma's bread stuffing. Thank God.


We had the same meal and it was excellent - the turkey is fully cooked but needed to be heated obviously - it was the best stuffing and potatoes ever. If you want a readymade meal go out to dinner at a restaurant.


We expected better quality and was left disappointed. Stuffing was mushy, potatoes were instant and tasted like it.

Turkey was okay but not worth the money for the horrible sides. I was embarrassed to serve this food to my family.




We had Publix prepare our 7-10 serving Thanksgiving dinner.

We added sweet potatoes. We read the instructions that said to cook 1 to 1 1/2 hours. The dinner was FABULOUS!!!!


HUNGRY MAN Turkey Dinner — UNDER 10 MINS


Terrible dinner---meat was dry, other sides tasted grainy, and old. I do not recommend this dinner,


LOL, don't be mad because you can't be bothered to understand a product before you buy it.


Are you really that stupid?


I don't know for the life of me how you could actually think you could heat a WHOLE turkey for less time whether cooked or not...Sounds like you need some cooking lessons dear.


Agree! You have to follow instructions!


Lol not to mention... You still have to base the turkey & season it the way you like it.

You cant just throw it in the oven without the proper water to keep it moist & proper butter basing. Of course it is going to taste dry & old, if you dont know how to heat it!


Do you reheat turkey @325 degrees? no time or temp.

was provided, just a pop up timer with detailed instructions on how place precisely in the right spot at the right angle for it to work properly & pop up when 140 degrees is reached. Also how long & at what temp are sides to be cooked?

We have the 10-12 lb size bird. Thanks for your help.


I have ordered Publix Thanksgiving dinner for over 10 years now. It is usually delicious and we eat leftovers for days.

I don't know who cooked the meal this year but the mashed potatoes and stuffing were inedible and we hardly ate any of the Publix mean at all. Thank goodness I made additional food! Even the turkey had a weird taste to it. The marshmallow salad was made with so much sour cream I almost threw up when I tasted it!

I am throwing out about 40.00 worth of food today!

SO disappointed in Publix this year! Hopefully, it was just this one in Live Oak.


Our dinner was terrible also.. First time we tried it. Awful