Coconut Creek, Florida

i just wanted to be pissed off because of hatred against the employees that publix managers from coconut creek have, they have no education, and should be charged with discrimination against employees and i hope they do one day i see it everytime i go shopping employee relations talking to managers and manager said go back to your hole that what i call *** on publixes part of not checking if the managers are or do have hate in their files ,and to not see the work your employees have done in publix for many years of service thats just slavery if you ask me the way you treat them is just beyound beleife well one thing i know that i just go to shop and not work their ,they would have been sued already for discrimination , i just hope that no one does and hope that everyone even the managers are sent back to school for employee relations class, even the customer relations class

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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Did a retarded monkey write this review? You clearly do work there and are butthurt that you didn't get promoted.

Probably because you seem to have the education of a 2nd grader.

This review was hilarious because of your horrible grammar skills. hahaha thanks for the laugh!


I have been shopping at Publix for more than 25 years and have never had any problems. Some of the employees at my North Lauderdale, Florida have been there for as many years as I've been shopping there and are happy with their jobs.

Several of the employees put their children through college with their money from stocks they have in the company. Publix is a more friendly, personal store than Walmart and I like that in a store!


Are u sure the hole comment wasnt a joke? As far as the rest of it goes yea it goes on.favrotism, game playing, making you miserable so you quit e.t.c.


Get over it, so your friend didn't get a promotion. Beg deal----a lot of people don't get promotions, no matter how long they have worked there.

However, if your friend doesn't have any better spelling, capitalization skills or even grammar skills than you do, that could well be why they aren't getting promoted. Just who do you think you are saying that the managers don't have any education? Apparently you don't either because of your poor use of basic spelling, grammar, and capitalization skills. Anybody that is going to be promoted to a management position is trained for that job.

There is no specific school for that. Most of the also work their way up in the ranks in the stores.

Get over it, your friend didn't get promoted and they aren't working as slaves. Slaves didn't even get paid minimum wage.