Overland Park, Kansas
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Publix is the most expesive supermarket in South Florida and the food they sell sucks. Their produce is always rotton or dried out but they overchargefor it.

I got violently sick from their plum tomatoes. And I have been unable to get out of bed for the past two days. They rip off the poor with rotten food. Their meats are also dry and going bad.

It is time to report them to tge better business bureau and sue them for trying to murder the public.

I feel we the public should put an end to haven our money stolen by this company. Time we took a stand for better service.

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Public isn't even in Kansas, ***.


Maybe you should be less of a whiney snatch! Grape tomatoes made you sick? Maybe it was the dirty *** u ate


Publix is a rip-off-I can't wait until Trader Joe's gets to my area, it's adios Publix time!


Anyon who knows Publix knows that thy are the best at what they do. No store is prfect but what you say sounds like a load of bull.


Probably some TURD that tried to work at Publix but wasnt worth a *** so they fired him/her/it. LOL. Now the *** wants talk total ***.


Probably a *** that works for another grocery company. NOTHING you say is true.


Why the he11 do you shop there?


Get a job *** and make a real living instead of fileing lawsuits you trash!!!! :x :x