Miami, Florida

I have seen a decline in the quality of product sold at publix supermarkets and also a decline in their sale product availability.

For instance. I bought a sirloin tip roast 3 weeks ago and the roast was of an acceptable quality. Little fat, little sinew. Then last week I bought another one, same store, same roast and this time, there was so much fat and sinew (rolled up in the middle, out of sight), that the entire roast was given to the dog, needless to say my Sunday dinner was ruined, since nothing else was thawed.

Then today when I went shopping at Publix, they had 2/$4.00 18ct large eggs on sale (per the advertisement)but, none were on the shelf. When I questioned the person in that section, they said they ran out and weren't getting any more in (the sale ends in 3 more days).

Then they had Hellman's mayonaise on sale .. Buy one, get one free. 22oz jars. None on shelf. When I questioned person in that section, I was told the same thing.. they ran out and weren't getting more in before end of sale.

I drive out of my way to go to Publix. There is a Winn Dixie within walking distance to my home, but I don't shop there because they were doing what Publix is doing right now.

We are at their mercy when it comes to purchasing food products, but this is not the way to do business. I'd rather pay a little more and go to Whole Foods and get quality products.

Bye Publix.

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They do have rain checks. Just ask for a rain check and you'll still get the sale even if the sale is over with.


A classic "Bait n Switch". They should have minimum quantities on hand in anticipation of a sale based on prior sales history.

Perhaps the manger or DM is only looking at gross sales and not customer satisfaction. Florida does have statues that deal with this issue.