Miami, Florida

Why are there no other supermarkets in Florida besides Publix? I lived in a tiny village in upstate NY and we had a choice of about 10 different super markets.

Why are there no shop rites, hanafords, IGA, stop & shop etc. Publix is so expensive. Even sale prices are overpriced. Doesn't any one have and explanation for this.

What happened to Albertsons? They are all Publix now. Florida is such a huge overpopulated state I would think other supermarkets would be fighting to come to this state. Is there a secret supermarket conspiracy?

One green pepper is $3.00 at publix.

There is something wrong with this. This is my opinion.

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Publix in Birmingham Al totally SUCKS. Especially the mountain brook store- it's the worst I've ever been to. The store manager is a little short pocked marked faced napoleon runt who acts like a ***. "THIS IS MY STORE- GET OUT!"

The managers and staff are petty jack *** who hassle the customers.

Awful meat, Stinking poultry stale produce and bad dairy items.

And if customer has nerve to complain or offer constructive feed he or she is pointed out from then on as a "troublemaker".

Publix dominates the grocery here and the treat you like ***.

All sales are final and they harass the customers

They coddle the Cry BABY staff here and treat them like pampered children-yet the customer Be DAMNED.

Too many middle aged old white women (witches) that work here and act like they're in charge

The *** that work the customer service counter are a pain in the butt. I hate this store.


Sound like your are a black (monkey)that hates the whites

@ale sharp

Ok, Ale Sharp, now I just puled up this page and seen this and you are a dumb SOAB. That is just so old can you come up with something new.

You are the main cause of why this world is in the way it is. Get a life and quit picking on everybody else and blaming them for your own problems. The world has enough to deal with right now without your racial remarks.

All this he said she said is enough to drive people nuts. Grow the F""" up.


No, I'm not the one who blames other people for their own problems. Every time you turn on the news, Al Sharp or Jesse Jackson is complaining about something someone else did.

Just like the rioting that is happening in Missouri and yet a black cop shot an unarmed white kid in Salt Lake City, Utah and nothing was ever said on the news about that. We don't riot and burn down our own neighborhoods and steal from our local stores and expect the government to come in and repair all the stupidity.

So how about you preach to your own kind. God Bless you!


Its your MOM that sucks ***-wad. You are obviously an ignorant walmart shopper with the class of a bowl diarreah.


Actually, its your MOM that sucks, you blatant RETARD.