Murfreesboro, Tennessee

I called the publix store in Murfreesboro, Tn to tell them that I did not like the cigarette ash trays in front of the entry doors.

I was told by the manager the reason they were there was to cut down on littering never mind peoples health what a ***!

I will never shop at a publix store again the two managers that I talked to there are *** jerks in human nit wits todays date is 5/10/10

this was only my second trip to publix NO MORE.

Publix I hope you go broke!

Good bye sorry store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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Weird comments all should be concerned. What if you lived in an area where it was the only nearby grocery store.

Why should non-smokers or children be subjected to having to travel possible an hour or more just to buy food and other goods. Ever heard of SID it can heighten the risk to children under 1 yrs of age if expose to second hand smoke.


Lmao everyday stuff at retail stores one customer ate 2/3rds of a key lime pie and wanted to return it and actually got his money back Publix spoil their costumers am surprised they did not rip off their ash trays actually.


I really hate retail, when dumb *** people like you open there mouth to *** about something this ***...Really! Get a life, and stop trying to complicate everyone else's..


By far this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. like the others below me have stated, "find a grocery store without ash trays in front of it".

but then again I can't say that i am surprised to see that you are from TENN. redneck retard


You, my friend, are retarded...Completely and totally RE-TAR-DED.


I am not a smoker, but complaining about ashtrays in front of the Publix stores is really beyond ridiculous. All stores have ashtrays for those smokers who want to take their last puff before entering and not throwing them on the floor, which is actually worse than the ashtrays by the door.


good. go find a grocery store without an ash tray outside of it.

you won't find one and if you some how do, you'll still see people smoking outside of it. Lack of ash trays will not stop smokers from lighting up. When a smoker goes to light up they make sure they have cigarettes and a lighter, not an ash tray. If you don't like smoking then don't hangout outside the door.

Smoking outside is legal, publix can't stop that. what did you expect them to do? Immediately go outside and rip out the ash tray?

you need a life and better things to worry about. those managers handled you very well, i would have laughed in your face.


If you are actually an adult and you write a letter like this you are the ***.