Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

I've never done this but I'm tired of deli workers not knowing or doing their job. This morning I had a guy that did not know what Sweet Ham, Geneo Salmi or Turkey was.

He stood in the freezer for five minutes until someone else came in and had to show him. I'm sorry that's unexceptable. At this point I would fire the person that trained this person. Now let me be fair, there are some at the Deli counter that are good and actually have a smile on their face but they are far and few.

It seems like no one in the Deli likes their job.

Based on the age of most working there, I would say you're having to work to make ends meet. I know the feeling but be thankful and smile.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Publix uses the sink or swim method for new employees as little or no training is involved.

How will someone know products in the deli unless they are tagged.


I worked at Publix Deli, and my first day, was terrible...I had to figure myself how to use the cutters and learn about the type of ham and cheeses.

After a moth in the Deli ..then they decided to send me to training.

It is not easy to work at the Deli, and yes sometimes the employees are not happy, they start with minimum wage, and is a lot of work..and one rude customer will mess up your day.

Customers should be more friendly and understanding when situations like this happen.

If he did not knew what you were looking, you should showed to him. Istead of complaining here!


I used to work for Publix and I can say don't blame him as Publix does not train their employees very well. As far as their concerned the employee is responsible for his own training.


Ever stop to think he was new and was still in training..grow a heart.. I would like to see you go behind that counter and deal with nippleheads like you...who come to the counter asking for the impossible and actually expecting to get it...


Which SRB publix did you go to, I find that the 98 store are rude, unorganized and the watercolor store is great, well trained and helpful


Nobody would smile trying to help people with your know it all attitude!!!

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