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As a Publix owner and manager, I am sadly disappointed to say that I have been thoroughly disgusted with the company for five years now. I am currently planning a responsible exit strategy from the this disgraceful, unethical, abusive company.

Our founder, George Jenkins, must be rolling in his grave at what has become of his vision and hard work. Mr. Jenkins started Publix as a company that took care of its workers. Publix started with the best of intentions for workers and customers, but the corporation is now so drastically off course.

When you see associates smiling, it is because they have to! I have worked at many stores, and I have yet to meet a single person who honestly likes working there. They are there because they need the money. Workers are treated like ***, expected to do an absolutely impossible amount of work every single day. Managers are treated even worse, constantly stressed and failing to meet the impossible standards that corporate demands. Corporate piles on more and more rules, regulations, standards every week, yet they continue to cut back hours. So, everyone working in the stores is rushing, stressed, struggling, always falling short, failing, in physical pain, emotionally drained and totally fed up. Top that all off with constant negative feedback and such an inconsistent schedule that makes it impossible to plan an appointment (forget about joining a club or being able to commit to do anything fun outside of work), and it is safe to say that most associates have very little respect left for the company that they themselves supposedly own but barely have a say in.

I have learned a lot from my experiences there, but this has been the most negative, unhealthy journey in my life. Regardless of the risky economy, it is time to move on. I would only recommend Publix to people who don't mind being treated with no respect, who don't mind putting their *** job first every day of the week & every hour of the day, or who have absolutely nothing else to fall back on. These are my words of wisdom after over five years of detesting the job no matter how many raises and promotions I received. This experience has taught me that I value many things in life much more than money.

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I starting working in August last year it really stable but now I am get around 4 to 15 hour s if I am lucky so I am pissed hours are given more to the slackers and I a no slack and I am I took the college term off so I can work


Yep.hes,got it right.#!.look around now,boward. Used to be,Publix Kingdom,now just a few short time later.Many food stores,get lost,make left at Walmart.

Forget milk,go to Aldes. Need steak,go to Western beef.,need wine, Trader joes. Want healthy,pull into Wholefoods.

I had 15 yrs,past mang. Test,sum kid 5 yrs got it.??


Totally disagree,been produce mgr for over 5 yrs with Publix,Atlanta Division.

And I appreciate my job and my bosses expect me to do my job,stressful sometimes,but what job isn't.

Previously I was a chef at a resort now that's stressful,

I thank Publix for allowing me to be a part of there family,

And the ones I notice are the ones that are slackers,and they work harder of dodging work then doing anything constructive.So all you slackers get a life.


Anonymous #1129527,The real truth about promotion is how you perform,(1-pull your pants down and do what your manager tells you to do,(2- and if you perform on manager make sure you swallow,(3- do not scream that is a no-no(4-and do not show and tell, Keep up the good work.


once again big money GREED gets the working folk. Lakeland don't care -- founder's grandkids just care about stock check! HOW MANY TRUCKS HAVE THEY DOWN-STACKED, AND TORN UP THEIR BODIES????


I agree i to work for publix i get talked down to constantly and have seen two employees this week cry because of there managers telling them they havent done enough .......its a job not a natzi camp ...something needs to be done about the verbal abuse


You have know idea just how bad it is at associate level in some stores or districts.


People in general don't need to smile all the time It's life we live paycheck to paycheck what there to smile about


It's still awful


I have never worked anywhere that had made me dread work or even waking up the next day as much as this place has. It drags you down and it's so incredibly fake.

The smiles really do cover he truth and the humanity is lost here. It might as well be Walmart. The corporate discourages you from pursuing any other career or schoing unless it is for Publix. It's all about who you can take down to get to the top.

And family is not your priority like they say, the make sure work comes first. This place has made me miserable and severely depressed and all the managers lie and say they love it then go home and drink and behind closed doors talk

About how much they hate it.


Ryan, the AGM at 1021 sucks the life out of working... Allow us to evaluate our Assistant Mgrs.


If you can work with the system and work hard it WILL pay off. You can't go In, however, and expect to be in control of your job when you're at the bottom.

If there's a problem, address someone above you in a KINDLY, PROFESSIONAL manner. They are there for money just like you are. What other place gives anyone an opportunity to succeed without a college education like this?

Sorry no job is perfect and you have to WORK. But stick it out, be patient and cooperative, the rewards are worth it.


Wow, sounds like a bunch of sliver spoon feed, crying, lazy bunch of *** on here. This is easily the easiest job ive ever had (BTW I've worked in Construction and other hard mainly labor jobs).


(anonymous-Pelham,Alabama) The real truth about promotion is how you perform,(1-pull your pants down and do what your manager tells you to do,(2- and if you perform on manager make sure you swallow,(3- do not scream that is a no-no(4-and do not show and tell,Keep up the good work, don't lick the brown spoon to much you might get you sick and die, it is getting easier for you to bend over, and ask are you in? You are from the backwoods where you and your family are inbred




And what was it you did?

I'm a cake decorator the only one in my department. I work 10-12hr days with no lunch breaks.

Because If I want anything done I have to sacrifice my health for it.

I receive no help unless I am drowning in distress. Cashiering, grocery, produce,

and customer service have NOTHING on the bakery or deli.


Not true. This is my second job.

And I am in college. I also pay rent. I'm 20 , and nit lazy.

Not afraid of hard work. But being a cashier for a week here has already drained me More than what I do combined (school, rent, study, 1st job).


To everyone who agrees with this manager I have two questions... First, what do you want to do at work besides work because it seems like this guy was just complaining that he had to work and get better over the years, and if he wanted to do that, he should have stuck with customer service.

Secondly, have any of you ever worked in any other retail, because I can assure you Publix, it's benefits, and it's pay are all substantially better than most retail out there. Sounds like you shouldn't find just another job, but rather a whole new line of work.


I work at publix and yes they do take advantage of you. The pay is not worth the amount of work done in a single day. Under paid is an understatement.


I've worked retail for years. With the *** pay and no benefits of everywhere else I've been, I still prefer everywhere else.

At least I can actually get hours everywhere else. The customer isn't always right, and I don't like being bullied by my managers. The environment is miserable. You can tell everyone there is miserable.

I've never once met anyone who liked their job there other than store managers who are rolling in cash for taking long vacations and not being at the store. I made good friends there, people who were higher up, and they all have quit.

All three Publix stores in my area always have new associates because people refuse to stay in the miserable environment. Publix is a dreadful store with good ideals that they don't follow through with.