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I came for a few thing at Publix at The Grove on Apopka Vineland Rd. They had about one dozen bouquets as a choice of flowers for Mothers' Day about 6pm.

Half of them was picked through and should not have even been out for sale. It's not like they won't sell these flowers tomorrow if they don't sell them today. They mark them up so much that they can even lose a few if they don't sell them. Anyways, this day comes once a year and not everyone can make it to the store at 7 am to get the best pick.

I made my way to the bakery for some bread. They have three loaves of French bread available and two was twisted and broken. The third was obviously under size so it was not bought. It seems that Publix have decrease the size of the loaves and increase their prices.

This was not the first that I've notice the size difference being a long time Publix shopper.

They should find other ways to cut cost and increase profits instead of the cutting the product size.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Bread.

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You can't blame Publix because you couldn't get there early in the morning for the best pick. You went there around 6pm on Mother's Day.

What the *** did you expect you were gonna get. Common sense tells you that most people wait until the last *** minute to purchase stuff, and that the ones who are smart know to get there early.


Publix makes about 1 cent profit per dollar. They adjust their prices when their suppliers adjust theirs.

You're right, Mother's Day comes once a year.

Since you know this, why don't you plan ahead and get flowers the day before when there is a better selection? You can't blame Publix for your bad planning.


You're surprised that a grocery store is out of a good flower selection on Mother's Day? This complaint would seem questionable about a florist since even they are going to have supply issues on Mother's Day. But to have this complaint about a grocery store seems ridiculous.


This is a grocery store that have a a floral department, two managers and sometimes even two associates that are scheduled only for this floral department. They also have numerous tools at their disposal such as past sales reports, sales forecasts, comparable sales data from other stores with similar sales and customers, and also a specialist for this department that helps you order and manage all this besides the two managers and the store and assistant manager for this store.