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I have shopped at Publix Northdale for 8 years now, every Thursday. My prices have gone up, way way up.

I'm not surprised about that but it keeps going up and the BOGO deals haven't been staple foods in a long long time now. But what really really *** me off is the scam they are now pulling with SHRINKING THE CARTS. I realized today that the carts have all shrunk to half the size they were. I could barely fit my usual products into one cart.

WE'RE NOT *** PUBLIX. Shrinking the carts and raising the prices did not make me feel like I got more food for the money. Instead I just felt scammed.

Why not spend more money on reducing prices instead of new smaller carts to scam us? I will never ever shop your store again because if you're investing in smaller carts, you must intend for the prices to keep going up.

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I really hate Publix. I hate working there.

But I highly, highly, highly doubt they would "shrink" their carts.

The whole idea of retail is get you to buy more not less. You need a life, and new eyes.


I thought I had heard everything...but the shrinking shopping cart story takes the cake...becareful the men in the white coats are coming to get cha!!!


I have that same problem....the shopping carts are to small.....LOL...so I always end up having to take 2 !!!! LMAO !!!

Publix investing in HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars to "shrink" carts (since they have over 1000 stores now !) is the most ridiculous thing I have heard lately.

Go shopping to a place, where they offer bigger carts !


Well Neal, a new pair of glasses would insinuate that an initial pair of glasses are already being used. You are incorrect in assuming this as I do not wear lenses or contacts and am lucky to have perfect vision.

Pointing out that one should get a life insinuates that one is dead. Obviously, your assumption is wrong again..and *** since I would have to have been alive to have posted at all. As for your comment about Publix not spending thousands to pull one over on me. Well Neal, I would dare to assume that the point would not be to prank me and me alone.

Yes, that's silly isn't it Neal? Let's pretend you're intelligent and try our hardest to look at an even bigger picture here. Let's assume that big corporations spend thousands of dollars to make millions of dollars by investing in something, perhaps a shopping cart, that could fill up quicker and make the average trusting consumer think that they are getting more food for their money. They would think that they are getting a great deal, even though the price is obviously higher than it was months ago, because they appear to have more food than they had months ago.

Even if this worked a few dozen times per customer per store, maybe more for the *** Neal, the company is making millions off of this idea and it has more than paid for itself. Most people will notice that something is off but continue to shop there anyway because people are creatures of habit and those big trustworthy companies know this. Some people will notice nothing at all because they are ***, and big trustworthy companies know this too Neal. Then there are some, like me, who have put the exact same number of a same item under the cart for years and can suddenly fit half of this item one day, who may notice something immediately and rationalize this new investment to mean a new trend beginning.

As you pointed out a company would not just spend thousands to trick me, therefor there must be a bigger picture here. I haven't lost you. Have I Neal? It's complicated, I know.

Hang in there kiddo. Let me dumb it down for you a bit here. I could have also asked the cashier if the carts have shrunk and been told yes as she gave me a disapproving look and shake of the head also, which I did and she did, but I have a feeling that someone like you needs things explained so I took the time to explain the way things really are for you. You're welcome for that.

I have a hobby and that is pointing out the stupidity of others. You've really made my day by providing an outlet for my hobby. Thank you Neal. Now go back to your hobby defending other publix complaints on every publix blog on the Internet except when you're complaining about how badly they treat you as an employee and how the management stands around and ignores customers on employee blogs.

Apparently something you would get fired for, according to one of your posts. According to you in January, you had only worked there for about a year. So that would make almost two years now and yet you are on just about every blog about Publix insulting anyone who dares say anything bad about the company that ignores all your hard work and rewards lazy managers. The same customers who pay your salary by the way, assuming you have one in under two years.

Talk about needing a hobby Neal. When you spend your personal time trolling the Internet for posts about your employer to take out the anger you must feel towards people you are being paid to assist every day um....Pot meet Kettle.


Took my business to the new SuperTarget and am saving at least $30 a week and getting better quality meat and produce. Maybe you should apply there Neal, since Publix treats you so badly.


You need a new pair of glasses. Publix would not spend several thousand dollars on new shopping carts just to pull something over on you. You need a hobby or a life.


I didn't know what Safeway was, so I looked it up. There isn't one in Tampa.


Go to Safeway! Their prices are always great!


Go to Safeway!! Their prices are always great!