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Around a month ago I was overcharged for an item at publix. As this happened to me countless times, as my routine I returned the item, got my full refund and walked out of the store with the item for free. (nice policy they have). I kept stating that publix was not changing the price tags and deceiving people. Anyway, here on pissed cosumer I put my complaints a few times in the past. I decided to write a letter to publix again. The response was worse than their mistake. (I am scanning their answer)

basically they say "the item was on sale between 1/16 to 1/22 and I bought it on 1/25 and that is why I paid the regular price". if this is the case, why the heck have you not changed the price tag in the past 3 days? that means the incorrect price tag is there for 3 days, and people kept paying the incorrect price...we are not talking about a low demand item like ant poison, we are talking about cheese! tens of people buy that item because you put a big *** sign saying it is on sale... amazing how lousy this company is when it comes to pricing their items...

what sucks is that I went to the store manager and mentioned how often this happens, and he said "we change the price tags once the sale is over". Wouw, 3 days it has been, and nobody even bothered...

feel free not to believe my theory, but this is being done on purpose...

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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I can't stand whiners like you, please don't go to Publix.

I do not believe you've seen it "countless" times.


Nope, she's right. She must know because she pays attention. Don't pay attention and you'll never know....


I wouldn't be surprised if this woman frequents Publix for the sole purpose of changing around price tags on items she intends to buy, and then making purchases followed by trips to the service counter to demand the items for free!


Ok publix you are stealing and when you get caught you act like a caught *** that gives the kid candy and tell shhhhhhh dont tell anybody lets be real publix has to steal from you first then you get it free oh I see how it works why would they have the publix promise maybe they know they are stealing hummmmm


Call adam putnam inTallahassee he gets most of his campaign funds From publix he looks the other way on over charging thats his job and yes it is true.publix is cheating us all go to wptv channel 5 publix promise by publix enemy # 1this guy got hundreds if not thousands of publix Promises because they steal by deceit and treat you like a thief if you catch them go publix enemy #1 he is cat hing the *** bravo bravo to him


I can definitely assure you this is not done on purpose. The store has an employee who is specifically in charge of maintaining pricing accuracy.

Like someone else mentioned, with thousands of tags there are bound to be changes that are missed or old sale signs that aren't pulled down. When it happens, they dutifully correct the problem for you and remove the sign. This kind of pricing problem occurs in EVERY retail store with thousands of SKUs.

What DOES happen on purpose is dishonest customers taking signs and bringing them back after the sale is over to get items for free. Unfortunately, I have witnessed this happen via security camera after some odd "missed" tags began showing up.

Don't assume its a large corporation trying to make an extra dime.

It's just human error! Guess what, every store has just a large group of humans running it!


Your quite obviously an ***, why would U return an item for a refund when the policy states "if an item is priced wrong it's free". Thank U for your semi- umm wait, useless story.

@joe publix

Actually if you read his original complaint the price tag actually said two for $5, that means that like someone else stated he would be charged $2.99 if he only bought one and 2.01 if he bought two. The problem is this child did not shop with a parent or adult who could explain this to him so he automatically assumed they were cheating him.


You sound like a crazy person.


There are thousands upon thousands of tags in any given grocery store. There are bound to be mistakes.

And yes, sometimes a mistake may go unnoticed for days at a time.


Yet you make it sound like mistakes couldn't possibly happen... that it simply has to be an intentional scam!


Do yourself a favor and never shop at anyplace that has price tags ever again... you'll save yourself a lot of anguish.

@Lawrence of Arabia

At the very least, if the store doesn't change the prices when changed, and do it on a regular basis, then the staff there are incompetent.

@Lawrence of Arabia

I fail to see what sounds crazy about this. If a store has an item advertised for $X price it's entirely reasonable to expect they either honor it or remove/correct it.


They went beyond honoring the price... they gave this lady the item for free because of the mistake.

@Lawrence of Arabia

i have said many times in my life there are some people you just can't satisfy. The lady gets her stuff FOR FREE, if she watched the screen while the cashier was ringing her stuff she would save herself an extra trip to the store and settle it right then and there, but NO, she still complains. At the end of the year she probably gets a sizable amount of items FOR FREE, yet is still dissatisfied.