Palm City, Florida
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Purchased raw fish at Publix's in Darwin Square, Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Employee servicing Fish Counter, was unpacking boxes and picking up trash when he saw me at counter. Came to counter, did not wash hands or put on gloves. Selected raw fish, weighed it and put it in wrapping. When I complained to new manager, RICK PORTH, about unsanitary handling, he said the bacteria on fish would be killed when I cooked it. He also suggested that I should concern myself with restaurant cooked food (and their sanitary conditions) rather than the food I purchase at Publix's. "What a ***!" The most common form of contamination from handled foods is the calcivirus, also called the Norwalk-like virus. Thousands of people die each year from this form of bacteria. I got an idea! I'll visit Mr. Porth's house and handle his raw food with dirty hands... then he can feed it to his family!

Never Again at Publixs...

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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A gloved hand says that I care enough about your future! End of story


omg i swear people are getting s.tupid and more s.tupid everyday like this person " Food safety advocate " get a life and get your fact straight. your gonna cook the fish and the bacteria will die... but since your so s.tupid you probably dont know how to cook fish right and you are probably gonna get sick *** rere


he is right, gloves are not required for foods that are not "ready to eat".

any germs will be murdered when u cook it.