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Publix started a new policy this year called rapid decels (aka. jamming on the brakes)against all their drivers company wide.They are given verbals,then written up,then retrained & then fired.I'm not so sure thats a good idea.what will lawyers do with this info?I believe this will lead to larger lawsuits. Alot of drivers know talk about gunning it or swerving which are unsafe practices.This makes no sense.The drivers have not been given any written documentation as to what is a rapid decel or how many can they have.They haven't been given written notice as to the disciplinary steps either.

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They are doing this bceause the large stacks of CoCa Cola / pop cases are unstable from hard braking, and when the pallets are stashed in the stores, they rain heavy stuff down upon unsuspecting employees.

I was almost killed or hurt three times from falling product.

This is Publix solution to the mess.


a safe driver should not have to jam on the brakes that often. yes sometimes *** drivers will pull in front of them, then they must stop/slow down quickly to avoid an accident. unfortunately that also causes the load to shift which can cause damage to the groceries and as a result raises the overall cost to consumers.