Gainesville, Florida

I just came back from shopping (been shopping there for years) and was shocked to find that the larger melons, cant-elopes, honeydews etc. were kept in the back to be used in fruit containers while the smaller ones were sold off.

I asked the young man working in produce to get me one of the honeydews that was on the shelf in the back, which he did, and bought that one for the same price as the one sold for the consumer. I brought it home and made a comparison in weight and available fruit. there was 67-69% more fruit on the ones they did not sell to the consumers. From now on, I will get all of my produce from the back, if available.

As high as food prices are and especially at Publix when compared to other similar stores, it is wrong to engage in such a practice.

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Publix is a ripoff on everything period . You have to have more money than brains to shop there.


They probably put out all of the fruit and the larger ones got sold


Y'all realize that most fruit is sold by the pond and not by the melon, right? lol


OK I am a produce clerk and I can tell you that your wrong. The size of all produce, like melons changes as seasons change and what was in the back was not put back there based on size, it was put back there based on quality.

It had a sofe spot or was not pleaseing to the eye and as we are taught if we would not buy it ourselvs then we do not leave it on the floor.

Some people just want to have something to moan about and find it this way but know this, we are smart enough to know you could see it weather its in a back room or the open floor cut area, yes we have 2 types of cut areas, so we are not tring to hide it. If you dont like the price of produce keep in mind that gas prices riseing, the season, and the weather, all things we cant control, cause the prices to rise.


They actually do save and cut the larger melons. It is done in all chains that cut their own fruit.

It makes the melon bar more profitable. Go ask your produce manager.


Stop blaming the customer for making a request. You are displaying the typical arrogance of a Publix employee.


Before you posted a reply you should have asked mommy to read you the response and explained what they were saying, they are not blaming the customer for making a request, they are simply telling them how the food is put on the shelf.


Wow! I cannot believe this.

Never would think this of Publix. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.