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My neighborhood Albertson's was bought out by Publix. Publix has not opened the store yet as they are remodeling, but after visiting another Publix five miles away from me the other day, I decided to drive five miles further to an Albertsons to stock up on things today. When the new and closer Publix opens, I will still drive to an Albertsons because here is what I noticed:

Publix is pushing their store brand everything by over-pricing most national products. It would be fine if they were like Albertsons, Winn Dixie, Target, etc. where one can expect to pay a little less for a store brand, but can also expect competitive prices on national brands. However, I noticed Publix charges national brand prices or higher for their store brands (some of which are good, some of which are really lacking in quality) and the national brand products in Publix are almost all over-priced. So basically everything in Publix is over-priced. I'm not sure who sets the prices for that chain of stores, but they may want to run a competitive analysis because $100.00 in a Publix doesn't go nearly as far as a $100 in any of the other mentioned grocery stores. Some of their prices are almost double what one can find in the others. For example...I paid $3.49 for a bowl of fresh cut watermelon in Albertsons (they offer three sizes). They were asking around $6.00 for that same size bowl in Publix!..I didnt buy it. Publix has a lot of good products, but they really need to do something about their pricing before I will shop there.

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Your right, you can only buy BOGO things at Publix and sometimes they aren't special. Today I noticed Publix had Jello pudding in 4 packs for $2.50. Walmart sold the same 4 pack for $1.00. Something wrong when there's that much difference. Ask them, they will tell you what ever the market can bear. Publix caters to the rich and *** who don't care what the price is
I am in Florida for a visit and needed to go grocery shopping. Unfortunately the only grocery store besides Walmart is The over-priced Publix. I Never shop at Publix when I am home (Georgia). The Publix's prices are terribly high. Give me Kroger every time. I want my Kriger back!
I agree. The price fluctuations are as much ad 2.00. Cheese one day is on sale 2 for 5.00 (8oz each) the next day 2 for 7.29. A sale? Product placement is out of control and national brands dissappearing. Their food is produced for profit like conglomorates...using high fructose corn syrup in everything even vanilla extract where it doesn't belong. Suddenly the bottom line is more important than their neighborhood families who shop there.
i though Public was your number one store.......WRONG there such a rip off :(
just way to high i think its ridicules.
Agree with your comments. I pay less at Winn Dixie and get foods that are just as good, quality-wise. And, earn savings on automotive fuel (diesel in my case). Publix is relatively upscale, yes, but there's a 10-15% increase in my cost for weekly groceries when I shop there.
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Went to the produce department yesterday. There were four eggplants and beat up ugly. Asked for any in the back, none, so I complained. Produce guy agreed and surprised me by giving me two for free on the "Publix Promise" which must be some initiative for cases like this to write off damaged or unacceptable food for the regular price with no alternative.

Was shopping for Mom who I only feed the best as she is a terminal patient and immobile. So I went to the organic section and picked up another eggplant, as a matter of fact, it had a bruise too that was unacceptable but was actually good besides that. Produce guy passed me again and I said thanks, only the best for Mom so I'm buying this and I'll just eat the small ones you gave me myself, look, I took a bruised one to return the favor. All cool.

Passed the bakery. No rye, but 3 feet left, rye in the deli from bakery. Priced 10% higher for the same baked dough, different slicing scheme. Beat up. Manager of deli was there with employee. Asked why is this more expensive? Answered: because it is bigger (employee). Me: but they are all 1 pound loaves, right? Answer, That's what they weigh, but the ones in deli are bigger so they cost more. Me, to manager: does this make any sense? Manager, no, I just learned something too. You can have it for the bakery price if you want I'll reprice it. Me: Thanks for the offer (at this point produce guy happens to pass by and briefly says the
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Love the store for cleanliness, selection and ambiance, but with all this, shopping Publix is no longer "a pleasure." Prices are skyrocketing and they're not even sneaky about it! When I complained about a single bakery item increase of $1.00, I was told that the difference is that Publix offers quality. I countered with the fact that there's no difference between Publix and other grocers in a bag of cookies, can of soup, box of tea or bottle of liquid detergent. Sadly, from now on my shopping will be done where my wallet won't take such a beating. Sadly, I see the demise of this great store because like so much of America, they got too greedy.
tony price
There is something very unsavory going on with Publix. Prices overall seem too high compared to comparable retailers. I don't think they'll ever be caught..they seem too smart to allow this to happen but I do think I'll take my business elsewhere.
I go the GOURMET grocers and save big bucks over Publix. I have also started contacting food mfrs and distributors to let them know they are losing sales because of Publix's ridiculous orices. $6.39 for a gallon of (name brand)milk...COME ON!! Yeah, Publix milk is less, but it's bland!

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