Reston, Virginia

I have always shopped at Publix and am a loyal customer, but recently, their prices are getting outrageous! $9.99/lb for skirt steak while BJ's sells it for $6.99!

Landolakes half and half - $2.49 at Publix, $1.99 at BJ's. I do expect there to be higher prices at Publix compared to BJ's and I understand that prices are on the increase for reasons not in their control, but this is incredible.

To top it off, my Publix will only take a maximum of $5.00 worth of it a double whammy! Does Publix even worry that they are losing loyal customers?

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BJ's now has skirt steak at $10 a lb!!


Inside skirt steak is $5.99 a pound outside is $9.99

Jamal Da Man

Maybe you should do more shopping at BJ's then *** whiner!


& I find it funny that you say Publix only takes a total of $5.00 worth of coupons as Publix is one of the most friendly coupons places around. I just used a B1G2 free Albertsons coupon AT Publix & got $30 off TWO ITEMS.

Not to mention all the other coupons a used which equaled WELL over $160. AND YOU KNOW WHY I WENT TO PUBLIX TO USE THAT COUPON, BECAUSE THERE MEAT IS BETTER THEN ALBERTSONS.


This comparison is ridiculous. BJ'S IS A MEMBERSHIP CLUB. PUBLIX is a traditional grocery store AND the quality of meat at publix A *** OF A LOT BETTER.


That doesn't make sense...I barely even know how to coupon and I turned at least $12 of coupons over every other week.

Next time call for a manager because that is just not right at all. :zzz


Do you expect anyone to believe that your Publix on takes $5.00 worth of coupons. That is ridiculous.

Coupons are like cash.

Please tell us which Publix you claim does this and I'll give them a call. I know there coupon policy.




You dont have to shop at Publix!!! Shop at BJ's!!!!