Cape Coral, Florida
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North Ft Myers has a new approx 4 weeks old Publix on Bayshore Drive. If you Google for info you get plenty but no phone number.

My Dr's office had 2 scripts for me but no where to call it in . Dr's said they would call another Publix & get the number.. I did the same and got the number from another store ,called the new store and said your phone number is not listed. The pharmacist giggled and said I know.

that was it. I know! So I called Lake land Corp. and a lack luster response to my concern was that I could go into the corporate web site to store locator.

I explained that most Doctors were not going to do that and every other local Public was visible on Google. The dead pan customer service rep. ( I use that service rep term lightly)

kept repeating about the corporate web site, oblivious to the $$ loss of clients. At that ponint I said Publix would not be getting the $400 a month scripts from us and they could kiss my tail.

I know that wasn't nice but it felt good. Poor share holders would not be happy to hear how uninterested Publix is....

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Dude, it is a brand new *** store. The phone number would not be on Google yet.

If you get a new number yours won't either.

Jesus, of all the things for people to complain about. Go to and get the number.