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We have been using Publix Pharmacy because they are closest to where we live, but boy are they always screwed up. They call us to say our prescription is ready, and when we get there 4-6 hours later it’s not ready.

They say they put it back in stock because we didn’t pick it up, they said they called 3 days ago, but they didn’t call, they say well it says here we called, but I say you did not call. Then they say well we were supposed to, well I say you didn’t call and we’d like to know why you didn’t. This goes on all the time, a couple of they times said it was transferred to another of their stores, and couldn’t explain why, we had to wait 2 days to get it transferred back. This went on even after we complained to the Pharm.

Mgr., who promised to straighten it all out, just to screw up something else.

People need to be able to trust their pharmacy, Publix Pharmacy doesn’t make me trust them. And yes, we do go somewhere else for our Grocery’s and Prescriptions.

Reason of review: Time, trouble, trust.

Preferred solution: Publix Get your act together.

Publix Cons: Your pharmacy.

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We have no control over the automated phone system. The most we can do is make sure that your phone number is active so that it's set up to call you.

It calls you twice - once when it's originally ready and once before we put it back. If your prescription is getting low and you haven't received a phone call, you need to be a responsible adult and give the pharmacy a call to see if it's been filled yet. We get in trouble if we allow prescriptions to linger in the pharmacy for more than 7-10 days from when they were filled. We have to put them back if they're not picked up.

Typically, prescriptions are filled on the day that they're called in or the day after that. If you call something in, go pick it up within that time frame!

I am sorry that you had this experience, but not all Publix pharmacies are bad.


I am in Vero Beach and also want it noted that the Pharmacy in the Ryanwood store is terrible. I spoke with someone in the pharmacy named Alex Piakis.

He was extremely rude telling me I misunderstood the directions and he was very sarcastic. He questioned the directions on my prescription as to how I was taking my blood pressure medication and I told him that's how my Doctor recommended it be taken.

He spoke extremely fast and tried to make me feel inadequate and misinformed. He needs to work on customer service or perhaps stay off the phone.


After 7-8 days of having it ready in the system, it's mandatory that they return it back to stick. Also, the computer calls you the day after they make it ready..if you need it before then you can call the pharmacy and ask if it's ready.

-Pharmacy Tech