My doctor wrote me a prescription for my son who has athsma and was having an attack i hurried along to the pharmacy to get his prescription. Since it has been some time since the last time he's used his nebulizer I was told the tubing and mask would need to be replaced.

This is an item the publix pharmacy stocks and has readily available. The pharmacist however would not give me a mask and or tubing because i didn't have a prescription for said mask and tubing.Although I did however have a newly written prescription for both a nebulizer machine (which I already own and therefore don't need) and the medicine which goes into the mask.

How can a master's level college graduate lack even the most basic common sense.

It is obvious to anyone that cares that this is somewhat of a crisis situation with a sick child. To deny my childs obvious medical need over a disputable reason is both unprofessional and of questionable moral standing shame on you.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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Masters level? Try doctorate.

I would've acted differently in this situation if I were the pharmacist, but the store that I work at doesn't stock these sorts of items so I'm not 100% sure on the law for it.

However as a future pharmacist I know that there are many laws that we have to follow - if your child was dying in front of us and the medication that could save them required a prescription and you didn't have one, we legally couldn't do anything about it without a prescription. It would be nice if we could morally do the right thing but with federal law in place, we could get both our license revoked and potential jail time/a large penalty.


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How can someone who is old enough to have children not know that when you post a title you use capital letter. Guess you are just much of an inept *** as they are. I am sure you son even knows this.


Your a *** I'm sure we all need a grammar lesson from you . parent was clearly upset and worried about there child they were not so concerned about there grammar but I guess you are Mr. Webster


A routine visit to my physician revealed that I needed an antibiotic. Her nurse phoned the local Publix--not my local pharmacy but Publix gives antibiotic free--but i could not wait for the one hour delivery time.

So I drove 45 miles RT the next day, a Saturday, to discover that they supposedly did not have the prescription.. I left a message on the physician's voice mail; on Monday, the nurse called to say that she had, indeed, ordered the prescription on Friday, but that there was a lot of confusion at the other end, and Publix had misspelled my name. When I drove, again 45 miles on Monday, to get the prescription,, I found in the '"baggie' that my name was TOTALLY different from my real last name.

To give an example, my name is Paquette and the name was Pakson!! So, I'm wondering that if they make this big of a mistake, what do they do with drugs???


Publix pharmacy has a new store policy now no new customers can fill a medical prescriptions at forest hill and Jog road shame on you God made us all and first come first serve palm beach county


I agree with you on publix pharmacy being staffed by inept *** I live in South Florida and recently had back surgery due to combat related injuries which is none of their business. The pharmacists at Publix filled my medications three times before, however on the fourth time she replied "I don't feel comfortable filling this order" after holding my presciptions for two weeks.

She wouldn't ellaborate on why, nor did she telephone me or my doctor.

After talking to the manager of the Publix I learned that "technically" the manager isn't the pharmacist's boss. Their boss works in a warehouse in Timbucktoo. That explains the lack of oversight and Publix Pharmacists acting like they are omnipotent.

They can treat customers like dirt because Publix can do very little to hold them accountable. I wish the friendly Mom & Pops pharmacies were still around but Publix and CVS put them out of business so we are stuck with *** service if we can get service at all.


You need a prescription for any that, my wife is a pharm tech and she knows that too. If the pharmacist had given it to you without one its brakeing the law, and it was your doctor that did not do their job right so why want them to brake the law for you? Instead of changeing pharmacys why not change doctors.


I agree the parent should keep the supplies on hand in case of emergency, especially for something like asthma. However, I can see not having current medication if the child rarely needs it since I have gotten my asthma to the point where it's so well-controlled the emergency meds expire before I can even use them once.

Now, the part I have problems with as far as Publix is concerned is that they advertise that they're customer-focused. So, why didn't they just call the doctor's office and request an Rx on the spot if the tubing and mask require and Rx? It seems to me like that would be the decent thing to do, as well as the more customer-friendly thing to do.

Unfortunately, Publix doesn't really care about customers anymore. They've become just like every other store as far as being helpful goes. Their employees are still usually quite polite, but as far as customer service goes, that is no longer something they actually do very well.


Lack of planning on your/doctor's part does not constitute an emergency on the part of the pharmacist.


Yes it does constitute an emergency.The child needs those meds.Asthma could be life or death.The pharmacist should have called the doctor because asthma attacks can threaten your life. It would have taken 2 min. to call if that and anyways the pharm tech would do it.It is common sense these products belong together.How dare this pharmacist put this chidls life in danger.As a parent I would be outraged.


As a parent you should take responsibility and call the physician yourself. After all, it's your kid.


I frequently am made to feel as if my patronage of Publix pharmacy is and inconveninece to the pharmacist and staff. This is the Publix at Southwood in Tallahassee, Florida. I will be filling my presciption needs at the CVS across the street.


New headline - Publix Pharmacies are frequented by inept ***


I bet even your son knows that when using the pronoun 'I" you use a capital letter. Also someone should call family services on you because you did not have your son's medication.


A pharmacy cannot dispense any Rx item without a written Rx from a Dr. So stop blaming the pharmacy staff when its the MD's responsibility to write the Rx.

Of course the pharmacist knows your child is going to need appropriate mask and tubing for the machine to work, however we cannot legally dispense the product without a Rx. Its the law.

Do not ask the pharmacist to forfeit his or her job to make up for what your Dr forgot to do. Just take your kid to the E.R, that's always an option, and they cant turn you away there.


Most Drs. do not know that nebulizer tubing needs a prescription.

The tubing retails for about 5 dollars, so insurance isn't an issue.

Has any RPH ever gotten in trouble for doing the right thing when it comes to patient care?

Six years of education, and the RPH is afraid to sell tubing in an emergency situation. I would be ashamed to be that Rph, and he patient is 100 percent correct.


I was having an asthma attack at my Publix and my pharmacist was VERY helpful - and yes - all items there generally are requiring a Rx for security reasons - it's mostly DEA's doing.

The DEA is also responsible for Western Union requiring a gazillion different pieces of info - you might as well just hand over your bank account numbers while you're at it :P

Anyway - I have 2 kiddos and my pharmacists have been amazingly kind with helping through all the bulls***. They're humans, too :)


Taking responsibility means commitment, courage and fulfilling a personal obligation for care and protection your child.

Blaming others is sooo much easier.


If YOU had any common sense, you'd realize that if you want your insurance to pay for supplies, you need an ORDER from your DOCTOR. If you want to pay out of your pocket, then go to a medical supply store and pay out of pocket. DUH!

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