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Called Southgate shopping center publix at Lakeland to see if my prescription was ready. Walked in to pharmacy pick up and one person was at pickup cashier.

As I was waiting for this person to get done picking up their prescription I set my keys and money on the counter so I could go into my pocket and get out my change and count out the exact amount of change that that it would cost. I knew the price because I asked on the phone call before going to the store. First thing the cashier said to me was are you this person's father. I had no idea what she was talking about but I said no.

She started telling me I was too close to the counter when the other person was picking up their prescription that it was their policy at that store that I stay back from the counter when another person is at the counter. I have never heard of this before at any pharmacy I have been at. There are also no signs stating this at the counter. This was the first time I ever used Publix pharmacy.

When I was there earlier that day discussing my situation about my medications I noticed this same cashier listening to my conversation with one of the pharmacy clerks. I also noticed her smiling about my lack of understanding of how the prescription process works by switching from another pharmacy.

I thought it was rude then but I did not say anything. I plan to file an official complaint with their home office the HR department.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is standard procedure at a pharmacy. I'm honestly very surprised you didn't already know this.

It's people's private medication information being dealt with. Would you stand right behind someone while they were making a doctor's appointment? No.

It's common sense and common decency to stand back. Your complaint is ridiculous.


The complaint seems to be about the disrespect of the employee not the procedure. Maybe you should read it again or maybe you just work for a pharmacy.

Some people have physical or mental disabilities that's why most of them have to pick up medications.

Do you believe they lack common sense? Maybe you should try to walk a mile in another persons shoe's for once.

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