Miami, Florida
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I ride a bike as my prmary transportation. Ive had 5 high end bikes stolen while locked and shop during the day.

As a deterrent. I understand that as a practical matter parking a bike in a stpre is unacceptable. However given the losses Ive endured and tbe fact it

Was 10:41pm and of the 16 or so ilse and only three open I took tbe liberty of parking in a closed isle for a few minutes it took me to grab what i needed. Unfotunatly my security concerns are less important than my (business).

The security guard made a point of scolding me. My opinion given the fact it was prime time to steel a bike no consideration for the insignificant act of parking my bike for a breif period in a closed isles. Therfore I will not shpp again at tbe store on 15th and sunrise blvd as long as she is a security person. Her intrusion on my evening was unwanted and lacked cpncern for my satisfaction.

Perfect example people bring small dogs in we all understand leaving tbem in the car is a death sentence. And its a small number of customers. Well Im tired of losing bikes and for two minutes at closing. I should not get a lecture.

I will not go back to tbat store until she is restrained or removed.

Im not rich but I will go where shoping is my pleasure. That use to spell publix Untill now.

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