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Recently Publix(441 & Holmberg rd..or Johnson )depends on what side of the street u r standing on.. changed Managers

since that change over,the product selection has gone ,products,Flavor's,Co$t??

Come on..!! Since when is Publix Brand Coffee more expensive Then Maxwell House...or any other Brand Name???????????

it use to be maxwell House$4.99 a Brick & $3.59 Pub lix brand..NOW $5.39 Publix Brand & $4.29 Maxwell Hse

and recently within the last month,

PBX brand canned whipped cream$3.98 ready whip$2.99

and they You have Saved $20.00,but i spent $100.00,and it used to cost$50/$60.00within the month or 2.

I've been shopping in this store for almost 10 years,This IS by far the WORST Store I've Ever EVER!!!!

i wanted to by 2 packs of Smokes,had to wait in the all in 1 line((Smokes/Returns/Lottery/Western Union

for over 20 minutes.

EVEN THE Employee's --some--complain how the Management Sucks

AND The so called *** or asst Mgr's all stand behind the front counter looking like Deers in head lights,but they wont and don't take care of the problem like help,open another register maybe?

i don't know its just a thought,the bag boys are the Only ones that really do Help You,they r by Far the Best ,well that's it for me,i cant take the B.S anymore

Prices have gone WaaAAAY WAY UP,Service gone way done,Selection????

Flavors of the Month "plain or go somewhere else"

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I hear ya! I'm surprised this is the first time you have noticed.

Even Whole Foods is cheaper than Publix now. For mid grade quality I don't expect to pay premium prices so I no longer shop at Publix. You're in Coconut Creek and I KNOW that you have a Fresh Market close that offers MANY Coffees. I'm sure you could find a brand that was as cheap as any other brand.

I hope you decide to try. :?


is bad for you. MMMmmkay?