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I frequently shop at Publix because it is close to my home but I will NEVER, EVER wait in their deli line again. Last week, for the fifth or six time, I waited over 25 minutes for someone to take my order.

Often times, they are cooking chicken and won't even turn around to acknowlege that someone is waiting. There can be 1 person or 50 people waiting and the people behind the counter move at the same slow pace. I have walked out of line so many times I can't count.I have spoken with others in my neighborhood who have had the EXACT same experience.

I will now drive an extra 5 miles to get my cold-cuts or deli sandwiches. Such a waste of time for me and a loss of revenue for them.

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I think my point was missed. I don't care if they are cooking chicken, stocking shelves or whatever else needs to be done.

Believe me, I've waiting just as long for chicken as I have for the deli.

Understaffed is understaffed. No excuses.


Also not defending anyone, but a few things. I just quit a few weeks ago, from a Deli on the east coast.

We know waiting sucks. We don't like to make you wait. It makes people mad and often mad people are rude. We really are trying to wait on people as fast as possible, keep you happy, and keep you coming back.

It makes it a pleasant experience for all of us. As for the chicken, I was assigned to kitchen about 75% of the time. Just to let you know, the majority of the complaints in the deli are not having chicken available for grab and go customers. It was a write-up-able offense to not have chicken during peak times.

They assign us specifically to the task of keeping chicken fried.

As mad as you get waiting, is as mad as the single mom with 4 kids going to soccer practice, ballet, a PTA meeting and trying to feed her family with zero time to cook. Just because they don't take a number doesn't mean they are not customers too.


PublixEmployee - Thanks for the tip! I had no idea they took orders over the phone for small ticket items.

I'll try it but if I am made to wait after I phoned ahead of time...I will truly blow a gasket. I'll keep you posted.


Waiting in the deli line can be a real pain and I am not writting to defend the deli clerks, but just to offer a suggestion which will cut your time in line to zero. Get the phone number for the store and place your order over the phone.

They will tell you approx how long it will take and all you have to do is go pick it up.

Just go to the deli and say my name is so and so, and I placed an order over the phone. Try it and see if this will help you.


I have to go along with this person the management in these stores are poor. The store mgmt.

are a joke as well.It goes all the way the District manager. He favors certan people.

mostly in the deli dept.He was the same way as a store manager at Tri City in Largo. He is a peace of work.